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Video conferencing for law firms

Video conferencing is now convenient and affordable due to the advancement of technology. There are several ways, outside of the traditional out-of-state deposition setting, to […]

6 Questions You Should Ask Before Designing Virtual Classroom Training

Often when someone comes to me with questions about how they should design content and interactivity for training delivered in the live virtual classroom, my […]

The Bright Future Of HR Technology Is In These Tools

When it comes to the world of technology, the only constant is that it's always updating. Its inherent adaptability makes it easy for professionals in […]

eLearning: Create Icons Instantly with Iconion

by AJ Walther   Previously I shared some tips for creating your own great looking flat design eLearning. A recurring trend in flat design is the use […]

New Facebook Cover Photo

It’s time to switch things up! We’ve been making some much-needed updates to our company’s branding including this website and our fancy new logo. Both […]

What I’ve Been Working On #1

What’s this we have here? A process post? Sort of! Exciting, no? Note: If you want to avoid reading my drivel, just scroll down to […]

Myths and Reality About Big Data

Big Data doles out big opportunities and organizations of all kinds are excited about the revolution that it has spurred in such less time. Analytical […]

How To Create Successful Infographics?

Infographics, as the name suggests- is information conveyed in the form of graphical images. No one wants to read boring black and white text heavy […]

Learning Technique – from the window of a high street butcher, (warning, contains pork).

I was walking to a client earlier this week, and I passed an old-fashioned high street butchers shop. On the window was an advert which […]

The Guide to Keeping Up With Google

The Guide to Keeping Up with Google Hashtags, Twitter, G+, Communities, Blogs and YouTube Channels You Should Follow! I often get asked, “How do you […]

“She’s on our team?!” A Lesson from the Last Pick

As a child, I was always the last one picked for team sports. I hated the days in gym class when we had to corral […]

#threequestions on technology with @kerrypulleyn

The fourth contributor to this series of posts is Kerry Pulleyn. Kerry is a teacher of English, former AST and now Lead Practitioner. She will be joining her school’s SLT […]

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