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The perfect formula for eLearning

Here’s a link to a Guest Blog I made earlier today, some thoughts on “perfect” eLearning. If such a thing exists.

Gamifying the iClassroom - Lone Star TIA 2014 Presentation

Gamifying the iClassroom Game on! Gamification Resources for the iPad Here is another presentation that I am giving this week at the Lone Star TIA […]

Meet FLVS Student Cody Sullivan

As many people head out to see movies this summer, FLVS student Cody Sullivan is going to see himself on the big screen! At the […]

The periodic table of iPad Apps

I was recently inspired by Sean Junkins’ (@sjunkins) periodic table of iPad Apps. I thought it was a really useful too – being able to […]

Online C Programming Course

If you are look for online C programming course for free then you have found the right article . Here I have listed four free […]

Digital Leaders Application Video & Apple’s ‘Motion 5′

In readiness for the start of next year I’ve made a video to run on plasmas around the school and show in tutor time to […]

6 E-learning Design Elements – An Infographic

Here’s the recipe for making a perfect, effective, and engaging course. This info-graphic talks about the six design elements to make a good online course. […]

6 Tips to Make a Great E-learning course

How do you make a great e-Learning course? Great E-learning motivates learners and provides a great learning experience to employees. Good eLearning means writing good […]

101: What type of video should I put in my eLearning?

Begin with this premise: Video is one of many assets available to instructional designers. By 2018, per Cisco Systems, 84% of internet traffic will be […]

7 Online Training Tools – An Infographic

It is common knowledge that organizations need to convey information about their products to prospective buyers in order to convert them into customers. So, how […]

What if there isn’t one right way?

Lately I have been in search of the one way to do things. Not necessarily related items, but the common question people are asking is […]

Podcast Planning

        Podcasting is an essential element of any eLearning design process. It provides learners with a unique way to digest material but is […]