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The launch of gomo 2.2 – what we’re up to

There’s a lot going on at gomo as we head towards the release of gomo 2.2 at Devlearn next week, so I thought I’d take […]

Online classes: Students, teachers adapting to demand for online learning

By Erin Malloy, Iowa State Daily As enrollment numbers continue to climb, Iowa State has seen a rapid increase in the demand for online instruction […]

Columbia issues online course R.F.P. to faculty

By Conor Skelding, Capital New York Columbia University’s Office of the Provost has issued a request for proposals to faculty to redesign courses “using innovative, […]

Are You A Risk Taker? Are You An Educational Risk Taker? Gender, Statistics and Sociology Coming Together

Minerva’s Virtual College Scores Backing to Grow

by Bernadette Tansey, Xconomy The Minerva Project, a San Francisco-based for-profit that aims to provide an Ivy League-caliber college degree for $10,000 a year, says […]

DotPlot of our Distracted Driver Simulation (AP STAT)

Tips for succeeding in online classes

by Erin Malloy, Iowa State Daily Five tips to succeed in an online class: 1. Stay organized 2: Don’t procrastinate 3: Be self-motivated 4: Set […]

Jason Latimer is an AHS Graduate. Jason's Illusions Are Not Meant to Trick You; They Inspire Wonder.

Youtube "Jason Latimer" for a taste of his illusions. Very proud that Jason graduated from AHS around 15 years ago.

SUNY Expands Online Course Offerings

by Fox 28 The State University of New York is adding 56 degree and certificate programs from 17 campuses to a year-old online initiative as […]

4 Reasons to Choose Cloud Authoring

What exactly is cloud authoring? Cloud authoring is internet-based authoring. Shared resources, software and information are provided to your computer and other devices on demand, […]

Instructional Design Models and Theories: Subsumption Theory

The Quintessential of Subsumption Theory As opposed to many other instructional theories, which are psychology-based models applied to instructional design, the Subsumption Theory was originally […]

Looking forward to DevLearn

This year at DevLearn is going to be a busy one! First, I am doing a workshop with over 60 participants with Sharon Boller called […]

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