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Tips to Terminate Typos

Editing your own work can be challenging. You know what you intended to say or type, and without active focus of your attention, your eyes […]

Meet Codie, a New Robot

From the perspective of a K-5 tech teacher, this is an exciting time.  Everyday new tools come to market.  The newest robot I know of […]

Aaron Sams: The Truth about “Flipping Out” Curriculum

Aaron Sams has become synonymous with Flipped Learning around the world. An award winning educator who speaks and consults on new learning designs took time to […]

Deeper Learning Initiative

Deeper Learning Initiative: I don’t know of you are familiar with the idea of “deeper...

Your kid isn’t trying to make you miserable: understanding your child’s behaviour

“You are just doing this to annoy me”, “Are you trying to make me miserable?” These are the desperate pleas I heard from a mother […]

The Quandary of Education Data

Aimee Rogstad Guidera is the President and CEO of the Data Quality Campaign (DQC), a national, nonprofit organization leading the effort to empower educators, students, […]

DUST Alternative Roleplaying Game

DUST Alternative Roleplaying Game: DUST is an Alternate Reality Game (ARG), an immersive story in...

Top 5 Free Photo Sites to Customize your Online Courses

A few weeks ago, we shared our 115+ FREE Stock Images Download (which you should grab if you don’t have it already!), and it’s been EXTREMELY popular. One of […]

Links for 2015-03-29 []

6 Tools Every Business Consultant Should Know Here are six frameworks that consultants and business analysts use, and that you might consider adding to your […]

New Look, Same Edtech Stuff

Hey, Edutech for Teachers fans! This chick just got a facelift. Yep, check out my new identity—the official Geeky Girl logo that I’ll now be […]

Links for 2015-03-30 [] @birambole It's not going to the right link for some reason... some @coursera site problem. This is the link: The Learning Folks […]

It’s No Joke! April Fool’s Day Resources

Well, you can’t get to May and June without going through April, which means yes—you’ll most likey have to endure some of those harmless pranks […]