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The Deep Dark Web: How to Stay Safe on Anonymous Apps

If you take a small browse at the Kickstarter’s technology section, you’ll find a big demand on having access to the Tor browser. The Tor […]

It’s Vegas, Baby!

(Note: Please use your best Brat Pack accent when reading that title. I’m partial to Sammy, myself.) Although normally I would agree that “what happens […]

Tutor of the Week: Meet Nathaniel

Nathaniel first began tutoring when he volunteered to help his mother’s students with their homework (she’s a teacher). He moved on to tutor friends and […]

My presentation for #TMStockport

My presentation for #TMStockport was quite a difficult choice. Knowing who else was speaking and the topic of use of technology, I wanted to do […]

Education Reform: ‘Pedagogy First, Technology Second’ “Pedagogy...

Education Reform: ‘Pedagogy First, Technology Second’ “Pedagogy is the driver, technology the accelerator.” This popular thought has been making the rounds on social media, instilling […]

Reasons to Love Physical Education at FLVS

“In 2012 more than one third of children and adolescents were overweight or obese. Overweight and obesity are the result of ‘caloric imbalance’ – too […]

Education sections on App Store updated

I’m liking the updated sections in the App Store that have been broken down by different learning stage. Have you seen them? They’re broken down […]

Minecraft #2 – Building a mathematical world?

So, I have decided what I really want to do on Minecraft. Well, to be honest I am not sure if it will be possible […]

Buy-in for an LMS Implementation

In the introduction to the Change Management Strategies Series I mention three major factors effecting change.  These include an organized implementation plan, communication, and management […]

10 lessons from my readers on badges, motivation

My readers constantly amaze me. A great conversation ensued on my recent post: “Badges vs. curiosity: What should motivate students?” They engaged in a great […]

What E-learning Developers Can Learn from The Solar Powered Bicycle Path

Have you hear about a solar powered bicycle path that absorbs energy during day and glows during night? It is called the Van Gogh-Roosegaarde bicycle […]

M-learning or E-learning – What’s the Difference?

Organizations are globally going for the trainings that are exclusively technology based trainings like eLearning. Many of them are also moving towards mLearning. But there […]

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