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Issue #50

This Week’s Best eLearning News and Articles (Issue 50) Performance Support Symposium 2014  Finalize Your Plans to Attend Performance Support Symposium Today!  There are just […]

E-Learning Heroes #2: What’s Your Best Tabs Interaction? (Free Template)

The Concept This challenge was to create our best tabs interaction; while I don’t necessarily consider this to be the best tabs interaction I’ve developed, […]

An Online Student's Guide to Developing Substantive Posts and Papers

As an online student is very likely that you care about the grade you have earned as it is an indicator of your progress in […]

New Edition!! Career Development Weekly 8.31.14

One of the most debilitating conditions for any type of job is stress, as it is an emotional reaction that creates feelings of unease, along […]

Back to school – new or a repeat performance

It would appear that the most popular topic within all education blogs this week is 'back to school'. We are awash with the offers on […]

10 great obscure Google tricks for school, life

Google is such a behemoth. It’s next to impossible to count all of the apps it has produced, let alone all of the extra services […]

Preparing Classroom Session Using Moodle Face-To-Face plug-in

Virtual classroom training refers to the mode of training where employees and trainers interact in an online mode through a web based application. The Face-to-Face plugin […]

Quick, Interactive and Visually-Rich E-learning Courses with Articulate Storyline

The selection of the authoring tool can have a direct impact on the effectiveness of the eLearning course, especially in terms of development time and […]

How to move your learning approach online

Why would you want to? In a traditional classroom, learning is centred on the instructor, and is a sequential process. The instructor determines content, and […]

Top 5 eLearning Articles

The Latitude Learning Team once again delivers a hand picked selection of the finest eLearning related articles available online.  We hope you'll find our recommendations […]

Going-there Makes Moves with Latitude Learning LMS

Latitude Learning has recently added Going-there Destination Services as a new LMS client. The Latitude LMS provides flexible online training for one of the industry's […]

Standard LMS Administrator Training Curriculum

Latitude is pleased to announce a comprehensive training agenda.  This curriculum correlates with our Standard Set-Up Bundle subscription, and will help you to achieve a successful, efficient […]

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