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Turkey Needs Photo Sliders!*

This week's challenge is to create a photo slider. I used it as an excuse to trot out photos of Turkey. Read more...

Foundations of Web Design

Are you interested in learning how to create a website? In this honors course, students play the role of an intern at a local business […]

1st attempt as a Minecraft Build!

As my Minecraft server continues to expand, builds have been created in the land of Ancient Egypt. Not one to be left out I decided […]

Online Teaching as a Career: Strategies for Self-Development

The work of an online educator can be very demanding because of the nature of facilitating a learning process within a virtual environment when you […]

Capturing the visuals…

I always think that if I have watched something or bought an item of technology then I will instantly be able to actually do what […]

Chant The Personalization Mantra to Seize The Attention of Your Gen-Y Learners

Welcome to today’s blog post. Every day, learning professionals try to find new ways to engage learners and make trainings more interesting to them. In […]

How Descriptive is Your E-learning Course Description? Right or Wrong!

First impressions are usually the last impressions. This saying holds good for the description you give for your eLearning course. Typically, a course description is […]

3 Tips to Reduce Translation Cost and Time in E-learning – An Infographic

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that […]

Want to Gain Expertise in Instructional Design? 4 Things You Need to Learn – An Infographic

Every Instructional designer needs to have good knowledge of standard instructional design models like ADDIE or Gagne’s nine events. These models facilitate the development of […]

Additions to the EdTech Archive 38

Greetings! Here are some of the recent additions to my Edtech Archive: a repository of over 7000 free educational web resources. 20150316 – 20150327 dinosaurs, […]

Customer Service in Education #EdBlogaDay

At the time of year when our thoughts turn to “next year,” it is important to agree everyone needs to acknowledge who the customer of education is. […]

Microlearning Instructional Design: Less Is More

Formal Training Status Quo Many instructional design professionals that I have consulted with here at InfoPro Learning are still shackled to the idea that formal […]

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Get the Top eLearning News based on the Top eLearning Blogs!
  We hate spam and never share your details.