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All About Andragogy: Adult Learning Theory

When you’re designing e-Learning for adults, you want to make the whole learning experience fit their needs. The Adult Learning Theory—also known as andragogy—is perfect […]

Avoid These eLearning Horrors – Not Only on Halloween

No matter how good you content is, there are a few factors that can totally kill your eLearning courses. If you are looking to create […]

The m-learning revolution part 1: Learning on the go

Mobile devices are proliferating around the world: more people are using mobile devices for more things – and there seems to be no end in […]

The State of Talent Development: 7 Deadly Sins, Part 5

In this blog series, we’ve looked back at 2014 to think about how Talent Development might be looking for that edge that will make 2015 […]

OzLearn Twitter Chat Review

On Tuesday October 14th following the annual LearnX Conference in Melbourne, Steve Rayson, co-founder of Kineo, took to the monthly @Ozlearn chat on Twitter to […]

Compliance Uncovered: Sue Middlehurst at BMI Healthcare On How Totara Transformed Their Approach

BMI Healthcare has over 60 hospitals and over 15,000 learners across the UK. With highly stringent industry compliance regulations to adhere to, how did they […]

EMEA Reporter: Vincent Van Gogh—Painter—and Learning Coach! by Nic Laycock

Vincent Van Gogh had no artistic education and suffered from depression and poverty all his life, yet created his own path of learning and improvement. […]

Does Your eLearning Give People Nightmares?

Have you ever watched an animated movie or played a video game and felt uncomfortable, like something was not quite right? You may have experienced […]

2014 Technology and Professional Development Survey Results Released #techpd14

From the abacus to the calculator, the chalkboard to SMARTBoards, technology has had an immense impact on education and how students learn. However, technology is […]

We want YOU as an eLearning Contributor #autoCAD #python #java #revit #adobe

In addition to a staff of full time in-house eLearning Developers, Atomic Learning regularly seeks out contributors for specialized projects. These eLearning Contributors consist of […]

Stop Scaring Your Learners: 4 Ways to Bring Life to Boring e-Learning Scripts

It’s that time of year when all things creepy and crawly come out to play. Chances are, you’ll encounter something scary in the Halloween experience. […]

MOOCs – 9 points on what I like, and what I don’t

Over two years ago I wrote about a few experiences I’d had with some online courses / MOOCs, and why I ‘failed’ (according to the […]

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