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5 Reasons to make sure your training programmes are accredited!

When it comes to delivering training to your workforce, you have two options. You can adopt the typical, generic approach and spend time creating training […]

The Secret of Ace Reporting on your LMS!

Picture this: you’ve just rolled out a new Learning Management System. You’ve enrolled your employees on it and sent them off on their journey to […]


Game based learning is an innovative learning methodology that integrates educational content or learning principles into games with the objective of engaging learners. It has […]

Compliance Training

An important agenda of any organization is to educate their employees on the company policies, laws, and regulations that needs to be adhered to in […]

Learning Academies

Learning Academies are intranet learning portals of a company. Employee can utilize the learning academy to learn about their career prospects and the requirements for […]

SAP/ERP Training

SAP ERP Training is a combination of ILT and e-learning and aims to provide an engaging learning experience to the user. It uses a mix […]

2D Animation

The Technology Shift in E-learning

Tweaking a well known quote embodies the most integral characteristic of technology - “The only constant thing in technology is change.” E-learning has been a […]

The importance of learning in corporate world

Taking business to another level via e-Learning We currently inhabit a world that thrives on competition. By the time one builds up a company, there […]

The impacts and benefits of game based learning

One of the soon to be largest tool in the world of e-learning world is that of game based learning or gamification and why this […]


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Back to School 2: 5 Ideas for Your Book Club

You have decided to start (or restart) a Book Club in your school. What are the most important steps to follow? How can you make […]

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