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EdTech Innovations That Really Work

Can the traditional classroom be really replaced with edtech? In teacher conferences, we still hear this question – Is it really possible? We’d love to […]

Ducere MBA Graduate Says, “Just Do It!”

At age 47 starting an MBA , what was I thinking ? Not long after being nominated by VACC to start this journey I had […]

See you in the 4th International EDO Congress

Next May, the IV International EDO Congress will be held in Barcelona, specifically on the 11th, 12th, and 13th May.  Here you can see the […]

Are You Managing Your Career Reputation? Here's Why It Matters

For many careers, people want to be perceived and portrayed as someone who is professional, reliable, ethical, trustworthy, open-minded, adaptable, flexible, and willing to learn, […]

Learning styles – important or not?

This week I watched a presentation called ‘Changing the way we approach learner styles in teacher education’. This was delivered at IATEFL 2016 by Carol […]

Here's how to write intro animations to hook your e-learning audience

It's no secret that first impressions matter. Whenever we're exposed to something new, we're quick to size things up and pass judgment. That's why great […]

Prioritizing Student Online Safety

This infographic can be shared on your website or printed to display in your school, library or classroom. Request a high-resolution version suitable for printing […]

TOPYX Topics – Social Learning Newsletter – April 2016

Easily connect TOPYX LMS to your Salesforce instance with just a few clicks! Now, we have made it incredibly simple to manage your users between […]

Virtual Classroom Firewall Settings

Minimum Requirement: The minimum Requirement is that TCP port 443 is open. Some firewall/proxy rules only allow for SSL traffic over port 443. You will […]

Can LearnCube be integrated with my existing website?

Yes, we can integrating with your website or other systems, for a list of common integrations: Read More

Can I use LearnCube to teach other subjects?

Yes, Teachers, Tutors and Schools are using LeanCube to teach a variety of subjects including, maths, medicine, law and more. In the future we plan […]

What is the difference between the Enterprise Plan and Virtual School Pro?

The Virtual School Pro provides everything you need to create your own online language school and includes the option to brand it as your own […]