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Help us spark innovation in schools worldwide! by Samantha Adams Becker

Photo: Samantha Adams Becker "Help us spark innovation in schools worldwide!" Samantha Adams Becker, Senior Director of Communications for the NMC, the Director of the […]

Three Perspectives on the Future of Mobile Learning

Follow on Twitter as @LnDDave David Kelly, Program Director for The eLearning Guild’s face-to-face events and conferences reports, "Mobile Learning is changing." What started as […]

The Top 5 Skills Every Actuary Needs

Photo: Matthew Johnston Matthew Johnston, completing graduate studies in Economics at the New School for Social Research in New York City summarizes, "Unless your name […]

It All Adds Up: Celebrating Women Across the Mathematical Sciences

"This year’s LMS 150th Anniversary Women in Mathematics Day – It All Adds Up 2015  – took place at the University of Oxford’s Mathematical Institute […]

Teaching Math: Changing Education

Photo: Jonathan Lash Jonathan Lash, president of Hampshire College in Amherst, MA writes, "My last post looked at math as part of an inquiry-driven, interdisciplinary […]

Out of Africa: e-learning makes further education a reality for tens of thousands

Follow on Twitter as @MarkC_Anderson Mark Anderson, reporter covers Global development for the Guardian writes, "As the eLearning Africa conference gets underway in Addis Ababa, […]

eLearning Company, Certification Game to Give Away a Half Million Dollars in New Customer Service Training Course

Certification Game, an Austin-based eLearning course developer, has launched its first game-based eLearning product, the Support Center Analyst course. In celebration of the milestone, the […]

Cheaper e-courses get popular

"Students have begun to veer towards online courses that are a lot more affordable than those offered in colleges." continues Times of India.  Photo: […]

Announcing Global Freshman Academy Start your freshman year of university on edX

EdX has partnered with Arizona State University to create Global Freshman Academy, a first of its kind collaboration that offers full university freshman level courses […]

Microsoft Facilitates Computer Science Education in High Schools Through Volunteers

"Microsoft’s YouthSpark initiative for education has many, many branches, but one of the most interesting to me is the TEALS program, which helps high schools […]

Two courses for eLearning Designers

What separates a good eLearning designer from a great eLearning designer?   A good designer has the skills to design learning that gets the desired message […]

The robots that keep their brains in the web

Geoff Nairn, freelance writer summarizes, "How the rise of cloud robotics could change the face of tomorrow’s robots."  Photo: IDG Connect Robots have many useful […]

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Get the Top eLearning News based on the Top eLearning Blogs!
  We hate spam and never share your details.