Trends in Higher Education 2017 That Will Wow You

Have you ever gone to a fortune teller? We, at Unplag, bet you thought about it at least once. Predicting is something that we are […]

The Power of Writing: Mark Alpert on His Success as a Notable Science Fiction Author

What can be more fascinating than exploring newly made scientific achievements? The Unplag team knows the answer. It’s the person who has a genius for […]

Grovo Partner Story: Helping Seniors get Comfortable Banking Online

This article was written by Kim Allman, Director of Community Development at Capital One, and originally appeared on the Capital One ONE Design Blog. What […]

How To Create A Student Centered Classroom

What does it mean to have a student centered classroom? Generally, when people discuss student centered classrooms, they begin by talking about technology, how technology […]

Current Affairs for the Week of 8th to 14th January 2017

A video that aims at providing you guys a brief account of all the important events in the week of 8th to 14th of January. […]

Leverage Training to Drive Employee Performance

Over the past decade, there has been a growing preoccupation with measurement in the workplace. Increasingly, employees are being watched and measured on every possible […]

Differentiate with a Click: Google Classroom's New Feature

Google Classroom just unleashed a new feature to change the way that you give assignments. You can now create individual assignments with a few clicks. This […]

Five Types of Training to Improve Employee Performance

When employees are performing at their very best, so is the organization. After all, any organization is really just the sum of its parts. If […]

My TEFL articles

I’ve just uploaded a few of my articles to Scribd. Hopefully I’ll have more to add in the future… Click here for advice on writing for […]

How this Teacher is Educating Youth in China from South Africa-Meet Katie from 51Talk

This is our fourth interview with teachers from 51Talk. Here is an interesting perspective from Katie, who is teaching children in China from South Africa. […]

The Critical Problem Revenue Doesn’t Solve

When Robert first said it, I didn’t think much of it. But then he said it again, “Revenue Solves All Organizational Problems.” I couldn’t bear […]

Why a Web Filter Isn’t Enough To Keep Your Students Safe

When superintendents, technologists and other educators first hear about Gaggle, they sometimes confuse what we offer with a web filter. From our point of view, […]