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6 Great SAT Prep Apps

Ever searched for a great SAT prep app in iTunes? There are hundreds of apps and it is extremely time-consuming to read the descriptions and […]

5 Steps to a Successful School Year for (New) Teachers

Research shows that October is a difficult time for new teachers. The excitement of a new school year, pristinely decorated and organized, ready to greet […]

Crazy for Brainzy – Get a FREE Membership!

I don’t usually endorse paid educational services but Brainzy changed my mind. Brainzy is a website created by and contains over 300 games, stories, […]

Tutor of the Week: Meet David

As a student at the University of British Columbia, David understands a student’s needs. With over four years of tutoring experience under his belt, his […]

Rethinking Education: Personalization and the ‘One Size Fits...

Rethinking Education: Personalization and the ‘One Size Fits All’ Approach Sir Ken Robinson famously describes our education system as “modelled on the interests of industrialization, […]

#threequestions on technology with @ms_jamdangory

Continuing this series here is Amy Harvey’s thoughts… 1. What place, if any, has technology got in education? I believe that as teachers we should […]

The Twin Myths of Rapid E-learning

Ever since the evolution of rapid eLearning, it has been a subject of debate in the online training world. Many believe that this digital course […]

Audio Editing Tools for Effective E-learning – An Infographic

It is well known that efficient use of audio plays a key role in enhancing the effectiveness of eLearning courses. It reduces the cognitive load […]

Assessment Strategy for M-learning

Assessments are an integral part of the process of gauging the understanding of the learner. They are used to reinforce learning and also help evaluate […]

Designing Healthcare Training Courses with Articulate Storyline

With the growth of eLearning, companies in different sectors are using it extensively to train their employees effectively, and the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector is […]

Big Data: Is it a New Revolution in an eLearning?

In this digital world, each moment we come across various such terms which have become vogue and is seen to be used too often. Of […]

3 Key Elements to Design an Effective E-Learning

There are many factors which influence eLearning designing and development. This includes learning objectives, target audience and most importantly the purpose of the course and […]

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