12 Types of Play Infographic

12 Types of Play Infographic

The 12 Types of Play Infographic depicts how play is essential to all children’s development and learning. As children grow and develop, play evolves.

Researcher Mildred Parten defined play as six Stages of Social Play which emphasize the idea that play is about learning how to relate with other children and parallels a child’s social development.

Parten’s Social Stages of Play include:

Unoccupied play, the initial form of playing in babies. Solitary play, where children do not seem to notice others and play alone. Onlooker play, when children intently observe other children playing, without engagement. Parallel play, an important type of play for toddlers, where children play side-by-side without interacting. Associative play, when children start socializing with other children, without formal rules or organization. Social play, when children begin to share toys and ideas, and follow established social conventions.

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