29 Free Tools to Create & Promote Your Online Course

You’re only as good as the tools you have.

It’s a phrase that’s relevant no matter what you do. It’s why thousands turn to Thinkific to help them create and manage their courses.

Many people, however, misinterpret this phrase. They believe that good tools = expensive tools. They believe that in order for a tool to work for us, we need to pay the big bucks.

It can make those of us who are pre-revenue feel demotivated when it comes to promoting your course.

It’s also used as an excuse to explain why someone’s course is not yet successful. They call it a catch 22.

“I need the tools to build my revenue, but I need revenue to pay for the tools.”

I’m here to tell you that you can do it all free.

You don’t need expensive tools to guarantee your success; there are so many free tools out there that you can use! With a little bit of clever thinking, they’ll do almost exactly the same thing without costing you a penny.

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