3 Ways to Improve Employee Happiness and Keep Productivity High

Communication is a challenge for every business, from the largest corporate entities to the brand new small businesses. To overcome the challenge, departments often resort to stressful, time-consuming meetings. While these are designed to open channels of collaboration, they often end up decreasing productivity and having the opposite effect, as departments may remain siloed outside of those weekly or monthly get togethers.

To eliminate those time sucks (for both your benefit and your employees' benefit), you need to be proactive about employee happiness and communication. Improve communication and you'll improve happiness, guaranteed.

As Business News Daily points out, a 2014 About.com survey clearly reflected the top three reasons employees are dissatisfied with their jobs — and they're all related to communication: lack of direction from management (38 percent), poor communication overall (14 percent) and constant change that's not well communicated (12 percent).

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