4 Hot Trends in Using E-learning for Compliance Training

Do you use e-learning to deliver compliance training? Are you worried about problems such as this?

You are not alone. Most training managers complain of low completion rates for their compliance courses. So, what can be done to make good compliance courses? How can learner engagement levels be improved? Well, in the last couple of years, various companies have come up with innovative ways to make dry, boring “compliance e-learning” courses interesting. Let us see what they are.

1. Creating tailor-made courses for different learners

The compliance training needs in an organization are varied, depending on the job responsibilities. For example, a salesman needs to be trained on ethical selling practices, whereas an employee working on the shop floor needs to be educated on safety procedures. Similarly, members of the top-brass need to be made aware of anti-bribery regulations. Even the workplace environment should be considered, as employees working in hazardous environments will have more stringent laws to follow.

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