5 Proven Steps to a better e-Learning Course

I have been asked a few times “How to make an e-Learning Course Successful”there are a lot variables, In my opinion what stands out the most is:

Is the learner learning?Does the learner want to learn more?

Here are 5 steps to help you improve  your next course.

1. Grab the learner’s attention
This may seem like it is a difficult task to do via an e-learning course, we all know how to grab the learner’s attention in person. But how do you do this via a computer or handheld device? It would be super cool if we could reach through the screen andsmack them around and say,HEY, PAY ATTENTION!I don’t foresee this  happening or  to be effective.  However, letting the learner know what they will learn, what is in it for them and  what they are going to be able to do differently by the end of the module will grab their attention. If  someone told you in 30 minutes you could save 45 minutes by preparing a document differently wouldn’t you pay attention? I know I would.

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