8 Awesome (And Free!) Tools & Resources for Creating Content That Resonates With Modern Learners

As learning blazes to the top of the modern organization’s priority list, creating online training content that feels fresh and relevant is critical to moving the L&D function forward.

But small teams and shoestring budgets often prevent learning professionals from having access to robust in-house production studios or creative teams to help them bring their content vision to life. What to do?

Fortunately, there are tons of free and super-useful tools and resources available on the web that make it possible for anybody to create online training materials that fit right in with the share-worthy memes, viral videos, upvoted photos and other digital content we all know and love. All it takes is a little creative elbow grease.

Here are some go-to sites and services that our very own content team pillages every day to craft Grovo-style micro lessons to inspire and empower people to do their best work. We hope they get your creative juices flowing!

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