A conversation with GamEffective

The other day I had a chance to have a conversation with Roni Floman of GamEffective.  GamEffective was established in 2012 and works to change the way companies motive employees and the way managers align their teams with company goals. GamEffective uses real time performance tracking and goal setting to create employee engagement and improved employee performance. They have offices in Israel (Raanana) and the US (Charlotte, NC).  Here is some of the conversation.

Kapp: Can you please explain a little about what GamEffective does and how it got started?

Floman: GamEffective is a gamification platform for both learning and performance management – sometimes it is used for one of the two (e.g. just learning) and sometimes for both (learning and performance). On the learning side, it uses gamification to gamify the consumption of microlearning – like “spoon feeding” learners one piece of microlearning at a time. It can be used as an additional engagement layer on top of an existing LMS, or as a replacement for one.

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