Adulting 101: Bellwether unveils online financial ed program for millennials

By: CAROL ROBIDOUX, Manchester Ink Link

Talk to millennials about adulting – the trendy term describing the metamorphosis young people experience when they go from being dependent on their parents to living independently – and they will probably chuckle or give you a knowing smile. Then they will want to know more. More is what Bellwether Community Credit Union is providing with the launch of “It’s a Money Thing,” an online learning center intended for young adults aged 18 to 30. The free online education program provides essential and engaging financial education on topics such as credit scores, loans and budgeting. “One of our younger members said our program was ‘adulting, made easy.’ I was pretty amused by the term, but that was all I needed to hear,” says Mike L’Ecuyer, President and CEO of Bellwether.

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