Articulate Storyline 2: Creating Assessments Using Slider Control

Articulate Storyline 2 has a wide variety of options to create engaging and interactive learning courses. It has a new feature – Slider, which can be customized to develop interactivities.

Let’s see how we customized an assessment using the Slider, for our client.

Step 1: Create a normal slide and insert a Slider.

Step 2: We can change the properties of the Slider, using the Tools option. 

Step 3: Insert two rectangles (Correct and Incorrect) in the slide and place them outside the stage. 

Step 4: Convert the slide into a Freeform Pick One slide. 

Step 5: Add the two rectangles as choices, and select the correct option.

Step 6: Add the triggers given below.

Initially, the Slider value is “0”. It will increase by “1” if the Slider progresses to the next position (0 to 5). Here, the correct answer is at the second position.

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