Artificial Intelligence Mentors Individualize Learning

Artificial Intelligence Mentors And Learning 

Most of our lives we learn specifically what we need to achieve our goals. As children we learn how to crawl, walk, and talk when we are physically ready to do so. We learn when our brain is sufficiently developed. We only attempt something new, like the precarious act of walking, when we are motivated to do so. Babies start to crawl to get to something that they want – their mother and her milk, a shiny toy, or perhaps something to explore. We learn to talk to get what we want. We cry to express our desires, to complain about the temperature, or to signal that we have fresh poop!

Our mothers urge us to walk. Our fathers play games with us. Our parents guide us away from dangers. Our mentors help us exercise our inquisitive minds safely. Our mentors help us reach our goals. That is the natural, organic way of learning.

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