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Message “Your computer is probably offline” upon clicking Assets menu options

When trying to access Adobe Stock assets or eElearning Brothers assets, you may encounter the message, “Your computer is probably offline”. This normally occurs in […]

Prevent Responsive Text Pop-Outs from Appearing

Some Adobe Captivate 2017 users are reporting seeing the following icon/button on their published responsive design eLearning projects. The button you are seeing at the […]

Using Fluid Boxes in Adobe Captivate 2017

User experience has taken a front seat in design thinking and creation. As learners detach themselves from traditional learning methods, our attention turns to the […]

I am a newbie in Adobe Captivate. Are there any resources to get me started?

Yes, there are. The community portal has tons of blogs and videos for a newbie to get started on Adobe Captivate. We have curated some […]

Resolve issues in published output (SWF) when your Captivate 2017 project contains YouTube Widget

When you insert YouTube widget in your Adobe Captivate 2017 project using Interactions menu > Learning Interactions and view the SWF output, you may experience […]

No Content Player App Required

Things I like about Adobe Captivate #1 – my end users never have to see this: Okay now it’s your turn. Come up with a […]

Habilitando Sumario no Adobe Captivate 2017

Neste tutorial mostro como habilitar o Sumario e criar pasta para para organizar o Sumario, separar e sobrepor sua visualização.   Fabio Oliveira

Webinar (LIVESTREAM) – Adobe Captivate Text to Speech

Monday, June 19th, 3:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time I will be reviewing the main features of the Text to Speech capabilities in Adobe Captivate. I […]

Thoughts on HTML5 output and TTS

Hello everyone, I would like to discuss some issues with HTML output. I have a short demo project (Here is the link . The demo […]

Building responsive simulations with Adobe Captivate 2017

Adobe Captivate 2017 comes with an exciting new workflow to aid in the creation of responsive eLearning courses: Fluid Boxes. Instead of designing multiple slides […]

Using Your Name or a Brand Name for Freelancing?

I’ve been wondering whether it’s best to use your own name for your company when freelancing, or use a “branded” approach instead. I know some of […]

What Makes a Good Laptop for Captivate?

Hi all, I’m in need of a new laptop as mine is dying. Even crashed whilst on a skype call with a client recently. Great […]