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Is Captivate 9 Still Relevant?

I’m seeing several people on the Adobe eLearning Community and my own YouTube channel who are upset that they don’t qualify for the complimentary upgrade […]

Lessons Learned Going Freelance

Recently I’ve had several individuals reach out to me asking for advice about going freelance or getting started in eLearning instructional design. I thought I […]

Getting the Resizing Options Back in Fluid Boxes

As I’ve been working with fluid boxes, I’ve noticed that the resizing options, those little blue items you see when you first place them, tend […]

I want to open a Captivate 8/9 responsive project in Captivate (2017 release). What should I expect?

If you open a responsive project that you had created using Captivate 8 or 9 in Captivate (2017 release), you can see the following: Breakpoints […]

Closing Session at Adobe eLearning Conference

This live stream was shot at the closing session of the Adobe eLearning Conference and includes the keynote from Tridib Roy Chowdhury, G.M. & Sr. […]

The 2017 upgrade to Adobe Captivate Prime Provides an Amazing Experience

We’re continuing our quest to redefine the LMS with the latest update to Adobe Captivate Prime. If you haven’t tried Prime yet, now is the […]

Uploading an e-learning module to your website

In this article I show you how to upload an e-learning module to your website. I’m using my recently completed module on discus throwing as […]

Slideshow Using the WHILE Conditional Action

In this video, I show you how you could create a slideshow for a question slide that uses the new WHILE conditional advanced action feature […]

Adobe Captivate 2017 – Custom Table of Contents without Advanced Actions

In this video, I show you a bonus feature in Captivate 2017 – a new visited state allows you to create multi-state buttons that show […]

Adobe Captivate 2017 – Enhancements to Advanced Actions

In this video, I show you one of the several enhancements to advanced actions in Adobe Captivate. In the past, if you wanted to convert […]

Adobe Captivate 2017 Release

I’m really excited to report that the next major release of Adobe Captivate has launched. Adobe has made the decision to break from the product […]

Under the hood with Captivate 2017: Creating a Custom Preview Mode for Responsive Projects

If you’ve been on the eLearning forums after the launch of Captivate 2017, you’ve already seen that you can convert an existing ‘blank,’ or standard, […]