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Focusing on the challenges faced by adult learners when using technology and eLearning and especially when returning to learning after a break.

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3 Ways To Maximize Your Learning As An Online Student – eLearning Industry

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Why choose elearning? – LEO Learning

Why choose elearning over traditional face-to-face learning? Elearning is a term used to define the practice of using an electronic device to access educational materials.… […]

Data Collection isn’t just something that happens at the end of a course

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How To Plug Outcomes From Interactive #H5P Activities Into The Moodle Gradebook

H5P has received an open and warm embrace by the Moodleverse. It might be time you too learned how to adopt it into your Course.… […]

The Importance Of Learning Analytics In Instructional Design

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Moodle, the LRS? Getting Started With xAPI Learning Record Stores

Learning Record Stores (LRS) are the heart of the tracking process of learning using the xAPI standard. xAPI allows systems, including Moodle and compatible LMS,… […]

Discovering Educational Technology for Adult Learners –

Discovering Educational Technology for Adult Learners now on Have you read Discovering Educational Technology for Adult Learners? Why not leave a review on Discovering… […]

Principles for the Teacher of Adults

The teacher of adults has a different job from the one who teaches children. If you’re teaching adult students, for the best results it’s important… […]

You’ve Got a Ton of Learning Analytics Data. Now What? : Learning Solutions Magazine

You’ve got data. Lots of data. Your LMS and LRS collect all kinds of information about learners and their activities: You know what learning modules… […]

Is Instructional Design Thriving or Dying?

This article came up in my RSS feed this morning. The headline got me,  and it makes for an interesting read that I thought was… […]

Track Video Interactions with xAPI Statements

Viewing some of the latest articles on Learning Solutions, I came across this one. Being an advocate for xAPI and the power it has for… […]