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We write about the evolution of learning in the context of technology, new generations entering the workforce and business agility. Here are some of the topics we cover: company culture, social learning, talent management, HR technology, linking learning to business outcomes, training and workplace performance.

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Can Learning Help Increase Employee Engagement?

Most business owners and managers would concede that employee engagement is instrumental to employee retention. You’d see a similar consensus concerning the value of employee […]

Taking Learning To The Next Level With Gamification

How does your business motivate employees during training and development processes?

4 Best Practices for Shared Team-Learning

Much of today’s organizational work is knowledge-based. Employees need to hone their skills and upgrade their know-how to become more productive. This can be easily […]

Leveraging E-Learning for Sales Enablement

What does your organization do for sales enablement? If you are like many sales-driven businesses, you focus on in-person training or on-the-job shadowing. From classroom […]

Why Learning And Engagement Are Inseparable

Employees who are engaged at work are more likely to be productive, deliver top-quality work, bring new ideas and innovations into the mix, and take […]

Use These KPIs To Measure Training Effectiveness

HR managers face a tough dilemma when it comes to employee training, education, and development. On the one hand, learning is linked to engagement in […]

4 Ways to Ensure Learning Transfer

For HR managers, one of the most difficult parts of the job is balancing the need for talent development with the number-crunching expectations of CEOs, […]

Make Learning Stick Using Microlearning

When you’re managing a training program you’re focused on delivering a package of information that can provide a strong base for anyone attending the training. […]

How to Create an In-House Training Plan for Your Team

So you’ve gotten the approval to create an in-house training plan. Congrats! That’s an impressive feat just by itself. But now you actually have to […]

Does Your Talent Management Strategy Support Millennials?

I’m a Millennial but I don’t like to be called that. Or to be put into categories and buckets. Like many of my friends and […]

Disengaged Employees? Send Them To Learning Bootcamp

Have you ever thought about how many disengaged employees you have and what their impact on your revenue has been? By some estimates companies lose […]

11 Best TEDTalks About Company Learning

If we look at company learning resources online, there is a lot of information out there. So much so that it can be confusing. TED […]