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Screencast: Custom Menu in Articulate Storyline 360

I was browsing around on Pinterest and came across this Filter Menu. I thought it was a pretty neat interactive menu developed for web, and […]

Screencast: Custom Previous and Next Buttons in Articulate Storyline

Another screencast! It’s so nice I wanted to do it twice! Well – not quite. I’m going to try to screencast 3 times a week […]

Screencast: Sync Audio With Animations Using Cue Points in Articulate Storyline

I already showed you how to use cue points and your timeline to easily synchronize animations in Storyline, so today I’m going to show you […]

3 Tips for Submitting E-Learning Conference Proposals

It’s proposal submission time for DevLearn 2017, so this seems like a fitting post. There have been some lessons learned, and I’ll try to share as much […]

Screencast: Using Dockable Panels in Articulate Storyline 2 and 360

Today I wanted to show you one of my favourite ways of increasing efficiency when developing in Articulate Storyline 2 and 360 (sorry Storyline 1 […]

Screencast: Use Your Timeline and Cue Points to Synchronize Animation in Articulate Storyline

Today is the last day of Screencast February, and it has been a huge success! 1 – Because I managed to screencast every single day […]

Screencast: Extend Slide Content Using Scroll Panels

The video below illustrates how you can extend slide content using scroll panels in Articulate Storyline! Subscribe for information on Sprout E-Learning’s launch date!

Screencast: Adding Silence and Trimming Audio in Articulate Storyline

The following video shows how you can easily add silence and trim audio, using the audio editor in Articulate Storyline! Subscribe for information on Sprout […]

Screencast: Reorder Scenes in Articulate Storyline

Today’s screencast is a quick one: reordering scenes in Articulate Storyline. Check out the video below!

#FREE Mini-Course – Build Your E-Learning Portfolio

I’m pausing the screencast train for a moment (don’t worry, it’ll be back later today – I’ve never been more consistent with anything in my […]

Screencast: Easy Drag and Drop Interaction Using Convert to Freeform in Articulate Storyline

Here’s an easy way to create a very simple drag and drop interaction using the convert to freeform functionality in Articulate Storyline. Check out the […]

Screencast: Using Sliders to Control Your Character’s Emotions in Articulate Storyline

A strong title if I do say so myself; perhaps we can’t control their emotions, but we can certainly control their facial expressions. This screencast […]