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Screencast: Articulate Storyline’s Quick Access Toolbar

Today I am exhausted! – We had a bit of a blizzard here and I have done way too much shovelling for an entire winter. Initially […]

Screencast: Create a Toggle Switch Using States in Articulate Storyline

Today’s screencast shows you how to easily create an off/on toggle switch in Articulate Storyline using states. Tomorrow I’ll show you how to employe these […]

Screencast: Make Your Toggle Switch Work for You in Articulate Storyline

Yesterday I showed you how to create a simple toggle switch interaction using states in Articulate Storyline. Today, I’m showing you how to make that […]

Screencast: Gate Screen from Start to Finish in Articulate Storyline 2

Hey folks! What are you doing on this lovely Friday evening? I’m recording screencasts! Today I recreated a gate screen I had previously created for […]

Screencast: Adding Values Using Variables in Articulate Storyline

Check out the demonstration below to see how easily you can add values using variables in Articulate Storyline! Subscribe for information on Sprout E-Learning’s launch […]

Screencast: Use FTP to Upload Articulate Storyline Projects

Check out the screencast below to see how easily you can use FTP to upload Articulate Storyline projects to your own website. Subscribe for information […]

Screencast: Avoid Double Calculating Variables in Articulate Storyline

Over the weekend, I posted a throwback screencast, Adding Values Using Variables in Articulate Storyline, and one viewer commented saying this was all well and […]

Screencast: Using a Button Set to Choose Course Avatar Part 2

Yesterday’s screencast showed you how to setup your Avatar button set, and today’s screencast is going to show you how to carry the selected avatar […]

Screencast: Specify AutoRecovery Parameters in Storyline 2 and 360

Today I’m talking data loss…something most of us have likely experienced, and something I know I have certainly cried over. Storyline 2 and Storyline 360 […]

Screencast: Quick Example of How to Use Motion Paths in Articulate Storyline

Today’s post illustrates a quick example of how to use motion paths in Articulate Storyline 2 or 360. This example uses only one motion path; […]

Screencast: Customizing the Player in Articulate Storyline

The weekend screencasts throughout Screencast February will be throw-backs to previously recorded and published screencasts; however, there’s no doubt that you’ll still find them useful!

Screencast: Automatic Scrolling Effect in Articulate Storyline

Learn how to create an automatic scrolling effect using scroll panels and motion paths!