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My name is Katrin Becker. This is my blog. It is about Digital Games, Gamification, Educational Technology, Computer Science, Academia, and sometimes Rural Life and other notions. Comments are welcome but will be edited as necessary to maintain relevance.

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Gene Rummy Released!

Gene Rummy is now available! Both the Full and Novice versions are available for purchase now! Gene Rummy is a bunny-themed card game that helps teach the […]

Worth Sharing: ‘Collaboration’ Creates Mediocrity, Not Excellence, According to Science |

Boy, can I relate to this: A recent study published in Applied Psychology has now confirmed that a collaborative work environment can make top performers–the […]

[Gameful Learning]: TWO BOOKS

I’ve decided to split my new book into two parts. Book 1 working title – Gamification 101: An Inquiry Based Journey ~ 150-200 pages; likely retail […]

[Gameful Learning] Table of Contents for Gamification 101

Here is the current Table of Contents for Gamification 101 (Book 1) Gamification 101: An Inquiry Based Journey Part 1 – Background Prologue What s […]