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There are many blogs out there about technology, education and technology in education. This is another one. Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) is a serious business, and though the tone of my posts may be lighthearted and written without a scholarly sentence between them, that doesn’t mean that I don’t wholly understand what I do, or take what I do lightly: because as well as exploring, using and encouraging academics at my institution to embed technology into their practice, there’s a much bigger picture: helping those self-same lecturers to pass their digital knowledge to their students, and making the navigation of our digital landscape as pleasurable as possible for as many as possible.

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A bit on the side…

That got your attention, eh? 😉 I’m going to start this post by travelling back in time to about 20 years ago. Here, at the tender age […]

Don’t be Scared of the Dork

James Clay wrote a thought-provoking post last week. Called Show me the Evidence, James talks about how: “when demonstrating the potential of TEL and learning technologies to […]

Make Mine a Double

I’ve been thinking a lot about the psychology of eLearning. I’m not even certain that ‘the psychology of eLearning’ is a thing – but it […]

No, I will NOT fix your computer.

And on that fateful day, when my (then) line manager told me that I needed to choose between the path I was already treading – […]

Baby, you’re a Star!

Last week, for almost 36 hours, I became an internet celebrity. I’d just discovered that, after discussions between BBC Worldwide and Cardiff City Council, The Doctor Who […]

It’s all gotten a bit ridiculous now, hasn’t it?

I mean ‘The System’ has always favoured the rich minority over the rest of us plebs, so the political plight we find ourselves in today […]

Blurring the Boundaries 

In my previous blog post I talked about the keynote I delivered last week, where I suggested that high-level digital literacy skills can be honed […]

EDULEARN16 and Jisc Connect Wales

This week I was fortunate enough to have been asked to present at two conferences: EDULEARN16 in Barcelona and Jisc’s Connect Wales. In Barcelona […]

Innovate or Die!

The NMC’s ‘On the Horizon’ Report is one I  look forward to reading at the start of each year.  It’s clearly written, it’s honest and, for me, […]

Home in Time for The A-Team and Tea!

According to the Facebook group to which I was added at the weekend, this year marks the 30th anniversary of the graduation of Liskeard Comprehensive […]

My Struggles with Camembert

Today my mojo returned. I’m not sure where it has been for the past 6 months – possibly running a pop-up beard trimming shop in […]

#Blimage 2: just when you thought it was safe…

This is my second #blimage post, and a much trickier one to write. David Hopkins sent me the image you see on the left, and […]