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Best Practices to Create Custom E-learning Courses

Custom e-learning courses are superior to off the shelf courses in almost every aspect. Customization offers courses that are crafted exclusively for your organization. They […]

5 Tips to Get Started with Blended Learning [Infographic]

Blended learning is the combination of face-to-face and online learning. The synchronous learning strategy of the classroom is blended with the asynchronous mode of online […]

Smart Strategies for LMS Selection

The marketplace for Learning Management Systems (LMS) is complex, crowded and sometimes confusing for potential buyers to navigate. Choosing an LMS is a strategic decision […]

How to Add the Customized Timer in Storyline 2

Articulate Storyline 2 is one of the best tools to develop customized courses. Sometimes, we get the requirement to add timer for each slide, thereby […]

The Role of Scenario-Based Learning in Online Training

Life’s approach towards learning is altogether different. It brings forth tests, difficulties, struggles, and various experiences to teach us the most important lessons. Life won’t […]

5 Free Learning Management Tools to Administer Your Online Training

Bob is the training manager of a large multinational pharmaceutical company. His boss recently told him that the training budget for the new fiscal has […]

Tips to Train Your Staff about the New EHR System [Infographic]

Are you installing a new electronic health record (EHR) system or upgrading an outdated system? In either case, you can’t skip training. EHR training involves […]

Can Problem-based Learning (PBL) be effective for your ERP end-users?

“Every problem is a gift – without problems we would not grow.” - Anthony Robbins Failure and problems teach us so much in life. So, problem-solving […]

Tips & Tricks to Create Translation Friendly eLearning Content – Part 1

Fortune 500 companies get their 40% revenues from international markets. According to a Harvard Business Review, more than half of Google’s revenue (57%) now comes […]

Articulate 360 – Developing Good Screencasts With Peek

Welcome to the eighth post of the series. In the first four blogs, we saw how Articulate Storyline 360 enables you to develop e-learning courses […]

Learning Meets Fun – 4 Games for Different Training Types

“It’s play that makes people unafraid to fail and confident to try new things. It’s play that helps us do serious things better because we […]

4 Tips for Successful Translation of Your Training Program [Infographic]

Translations of corporate training programs go a long way in ensuring employees across the world receive uniform training, at the same time, in the language […]