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Main focus of the blog is on advanced use cases, in which the scripting possibilities are applied and explained in detail. Most of the posts show the result as an interactive embedded SWF. You'll find also useful documentation about items that are not explained in depth in the official Help documents.

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Posts by Captivate blog by Lieve Weymeis

Pausing Captivate's Timeline

Intro This is the fourth post in a sequence of 5. The first post introduced features of all timelines, the second is focused on the specific […]

Custom Failure Messages/Attempts - Drag&Drop

Intro This article is written as an answer to a question on the forums: Drag&Drop with Advanced Action For quiz slides you have the option to […]

Captivate's Timelines (master slide/normal slide cptx) demystified

Intro After this introductory post, and the post about the typical Video Demo timeline this article will explain the specific features of the timelines in […]

Captivate's Timeline(s) Demystified - Intro

Intro Happy New Year 2017 to all Captivate users! Quite a few years ago I wrote an article about Timeline secrets in Captivate 5: Tiny […]

Video Demo Timeline demystified (cpvc-project)

Intro In a first article about timelines, I described the common features: timeline ruler, playhead, eye button, lock button, control panel and the tiny icons […]

Playing with Numbers - part 2

Intro In the previous blog post I introduced you to the common JS API, and you used the method 'setVariableValue' to populate a variable defined […]

Playing with Numbers - part 1

Intro How to use Adobe Captivate to create a course for simple calculations, has been popping up on the forums several times. You can use […]

Knowledge Check Slides - tips

Intro Knowledge Check Slides have been introduced as one of the new quizzing features with version 9. The Help documentation is 'spartan' as usual. You […]

More is in a...hyperlink - Close button

Intro A while ago I published a list with events able to trigger an action, whether it is a simple, advanced or shared action. Most commonly […]

More is in a... hyperlink - Dropdown Menu

Intro  In my last blog post I demonstrated how a hyperlink can overcome the limitation of states in Captivate, not allowing to add interactive objects […]

Navigation Help Slides

Intro In this thread on the Captivate forums, a user asked how to configure navigation in a course with content slides and two help slides. […]

What's in a Theme - a Template?

Intro When trying to help Captivate users, I often bump onto confusion between themes and templates. Same confusion can be found in many training schedules […]