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How Fostering A Learning Culture Will Help Your Organization Grow!

You can’t touch it, or smell it, or taste it. But you know it’s there. It’s like a feeling, an energy, something that moves you […]

TalentLMS Certifications: A Guide To Confirming Your Training Results

Keeping tabs on who knows what is tough — but also essential for a functioning economy and society. I mean, you wouldn’t want some guy […]

TalentLMS for Android: The Content Downloader – Part 3, Architecture

This article attempts to provide a very short overview of the internals of the Content Downloader in the TalentLMS for Android app. It offers a […]

Optimize Your Digital Learning Strategy For 2017: A Guide For Right Now

Computers are useless. They can only give you answers. Or so says Pablo Picasso. Now, no disrespect to Picasso, we disagree. He may have had […]

7 + 1 eLearning Trends and Facts for 2017

With 2017 well underway, the TalentLMS team took a long hard look at the industry to determine the kind of trends and facts that everybody […]

Award-Winning Blunder: eLearning insights from the Oscars debacle

If there is one thing that we can take from the catastrophic blunder in this year’s Academy Awards, which were broadcast live to over 200 […]

Get The Big Picture With TalentLMS’ Training Infographics

Infographics have been all the rage since they emerged on the web and enterprise scenes a few years ago. And why not? They offer something […]

TalentLMS For Android: The Content Downloader – Part 2, Integration

Once the difficult task of developing and testing the Content Downloader was completed, integrating it into the existing app was straightforward. Almost all content-related tasks […]

How To Retain Great Talent: Hiring Is Only The Beginning

Great managers know that the best employees are volunteers. Of course, these employees need to receive a paycheck; however, stellar employees work for their company […]

Long live the King! TalentLMS named a “Leader LMS” for 2017

TalentLMS (and Epignosis in general) is no stranger to industry awards. Last fall we were picked in Capterra’s Top 20 Most Affordable LMS Software and […]

What Top Managers Wish They Knew About Team Building When They Were Starting Out

Automobiles. Whether sleek and expensive, large and hardy, or small and convenient, cars have become an undeniable element of everyday living across most parts of […]

Culture, the Nr.1 driving force and why you should care

To begin understanding how culture is important inside a company and how it can help tremendously, we first have to define it. What is culture? […]