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The 5 Critical Steps To Establishing Business Mentoring Programs In The Workplace

Business mentoring programs are one of the keys to running a successful business. These programs connect a less-experienced employee with more experienced groups or individuals. […]

5 TalentLMS myths busted

From the Labors of Hercules to the shape-shifting Proteus and Jason’s golden fleece (eat your heart out, Kanye), the Ancient Greeks sure gave us a […]

Beat the Machines with these 10 Employability Skills for the Future!

Experts are predicting that automation will make its way to the general workforce as early as 2020. With robotics and AI progressing by leaps and […]

How Employee Analytics can help you Improve Talent Retention

One of the highest impacting, yet mostly overlooked aspect of business is staff retention. With the number of job postings significantly fewer than the number […]

Turning up the heat: summer TalentLMS update released

Sometimes you log into your TalentLMS portal and you can immediately tell that there has been a new update — there is some big redesign […]

Incorporating UX processes in TalentLMS development: An initial step towards UX maturity

Talking about user experience in a software company is not always easy. Starting a UX-driven process for a product that is already in use makes […]

How to create a training plan that will actually work

Every business understands the value of a high-quality training program. It’s universally-accepted that employee training can create greater efficiencies, lower costs, and better profit margins. […]

Keep your people happy while your company is in rapid growth

There’s no feeling like the one when you see your vision realizing itself through hard work and management skills. But as your business starts growing, […]

How is Corporate Training Different from Academic Learning?

Web based learning has opened up a lot of doors to anyone who wants to learn. With the available tech today, it can be argued […]

The LMS Evolution That’s Changing Business Forever

Learning, whether in the classroom or a corporation, has forever changed. The days of flipping through binders and listening to a teacher or trainer lecture […]

The lost ancient art of the LMS evaluation

An LMS is not, and should not be, an impulse buy. Regretting that you fell for that fidget spinner fad is one thing ― worst […]

Learn Your Lines: Training Scenarios for Award-Winning Courses

Automation is threatening to replace human jobs – the ones that we have today. We have no other choice but to upgrade ourselves with skills […]