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Making Your eLearning Stick: 8 Tips & Techniques For Learning Retention

As a training manager, you already know what makes for a great eLearning experience: well-designed content, engaging and informative. However, there’s one crucial ingredient without […]

Be A Corporate Superhero With Learning Heroes Courses

It ain’t easy being a regular superhero. The hours are long, the pay is mediocre, and the bad guys are relentless. Plus, you have to […]

eLearning Course Design: 10+1 Steps To Success

eLearning course design plays a significant role in every step of the learning process. Design starts by grabbing the attention of learners and then motivates […]

7 Ways eLearning Visuals Benefit Online Learners

Are your online learners struggling to remember the main takeaways? Do they need help to comprehend complex concepts? In this article, we’ll share the 7 […]

Corporate Learning: 5 Things That You Need To Know

Unlike long meetings (which everybody hates) and free office snacks (which everybody loves), corporate culture is one of those things that every generation of workers […]

How and why does continuous training lead to job satisfaction

Take a minute and think of the first day on your job. Think about the sights, smells, and feelings that you had when you first […]

5 Tips To Optimize Your Instructional Design Process For Better eLearning Courses

The funny thing about change is that if you don’t embrace it, you will stay the same. And staying the same while the rest of […]

Clouds Gather For The Spring TalentLMS Update

Are you familiar with those surprise “home makeover” TV shows? The ones where a TV crew conspires with someone’s spouse or kids, and when that […]

5 Tips to Increase eLearning Productivity

You know what it’s like: Those times when you just DON’T want to do something, but unfortunately that something is THE thing that has a […]

How Fostering A Learning Culture Will Help Your Organization Grow!

You can’t touch it, or smell it, or taste it. But you know it’s there. It’s like a feeling, an energy, something that moves you […]

TalentLMS Certifications: A Guide To Confirming Your Training Results

Keeping tabs on who knows what is tough — but also essential for a functioning economy and society. I mean, you wouldn’t want some guy […]

TalentLMS for Android: The Content Downloader – Part 3, Architecture

This article attempts to provide a very short overview of the internals of the Content Downloader in the TalentLMS for Android app. It offers a […]