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Speexx is a leading provider of award-winning online language training solutions for large organizations worldwide. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. And this is what we like to share on the Speexx Exchange Blog - fresh insights and practical tips on learning technology, talent management and business communication skills.

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“The Major Driver for the Rise of the Virtual Team Is Technology”

The need for better employee engagement and productivity has become pressing in an international marketplace. Forward-thinking organisations are responding to this by structuring themselves in […]

Rewarding Language Education: Career Advancement and More

If you work in a large, global organization, especially within the European Union, you will likely be required to communicate and work alongside colleagues in […]

Global Competence: Is Your Team Ready for International Expansion?

Global Competence: Is Your Team Ready for International Expansion? Is your workforce is equipped with the skills required to enter new markets? As HR leaders […]

Motivated Workforce: How Productivity and Further Education Go Hand in Hand

Motivated Workforce: How Productivity and Further Education Go Hand in Hand One of the biggest challenges for companies is to keep the workforce motivated at […]

3 Steps to Creating an Education Program That Delivers Results

Providing employees with professional development is critical for developing an equipped and effective workforce. Select companies have seen up to a 25% average return on […]

Strengthening Your Leadership: Corporate Language Training for Executives

Many executives have difficulty finding time to spend on language training. If they travel frequently or meet with investors and stakeholders, it may be impossible […]

Reality Check on eLearning in Berlin

For the 6th consecutive year, the reality check on eLearning and L&D practices Speexx Exchange took place on November 30 Berlin, at the Intercontinental Hotel, […]

Do Soft Skills Translate Between Cultures? 3 Tips for Your Language Program

When it comes to cross-cultural communication, soft skills such as listening and emotional intelligence can be just as important as hard language skills.In a globalized […]

Corporate Language Training: How to Ensure Certification Equals Competency

Supporting your employees in learning a second language equips them with the skills they need to thrive in a global market. It will enable your […]

“The Exchange community solves some really interesting problems. It’s a fantastic event.”

At the end of November 2016, the 6th edition of Speexx Exchange will take place in Berlin. Laura Overton, who has moderated Speexx Exchange since […]

The Memo November 2016: Does Your Language Training Work?

Evaluations of effectiveness are one of the most important steps in the learning design process. The information you gain will help uncover what aspects of […]

Why Speexx is Coming to Berlin

In 2015, Berlin was designated the fastest growing hub in the world for new companies, with companies like SoundCloud and Foodpanda expanding into the global […]