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Cogentys LMS provides an eLearning platform with a focus on employee performance improvement and compliance. The blog 's topics cover topics that are of interest to people in Human Resources, Training and Risk Management positions.

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Holding Sales Reps Accountable through Training

Holding Sales Reps Accountable Through Training According to CSO Insights, a firm that tracks sales performance, just 54.6% of sales reps in the US meet […]

What to Avoid when your Company Adopts eLearning

What to Avoid to get eLearning Adopted While a range of companies have adopted eLearning and are reaping tangible benefits, some are still hesitant to […]

How to Use Blended Learning for Onboarding

How to Use Blended Learning for Onboarding Losing new recruits within the first year or two is expensive. Yet many businesses are not doing what’s […]

Getting References when selecting your LMS

Getting References When Selecting Your LMS Most prospective customers ask software vendors for client references before they purchase a learning management system (LMS). It’s prudent […]

The Case for a New Learning Program with Microlearning

The Case for a New Learning Program with Microlearning The fear that human attention spans are growing shorter because of technology may or may not […]

Optimize Sales Training with Video

Optimize Sales Training with Video You spend a significant sum each year on sales training, but is your investment making business sense? Are your salespeople […]

Effectively Using eLearning for Compliance Training

Using eLearning for Compliance Training While compliance training is important – a company certainly doesn’t want to set itself up for liability issues by failing […]

Training that Works for Millennials

Training that Works for Millennials As we begin 2017, engaging and retaining talent continues to be one of the key challenges confronting American companies. According […]

Engaging Induction Training: The Key to Employee Retention

Why Induction Training is Important Human resources are an organization’s most vital asset. Keeping them engaged and productive is essential for business resilience and growth. […]

It Matters how Employees Feel about Gamification

While companies know that employee engagement is essential for business success, not all companies are currently having success with motivating their employees. According to the […]

Why Employee Engagement is Important

According to a recent Gallup survey, only 32% of employees are engaged in their work. It should not be surprising to know that there is […]

3 Ways to Improve Employee Happiness and Keep Productivity High

Communication is a challenge for every business, from the largest corporate entities to the brand new small businesses. To overcome the challenge, departments often resort […]