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Listening for ELT and Learner Autonomy

One of the challenges that many ELT students face, is listening. When it comes to international exams such as the IELTS, they struggle in keeping […]

Blending Spaces

What could really help educators? Among so many educational issues and items, a space to help teachers keep lessons, share lesson ideas and to create […]

PixiClip - An Interactive Whiteboard

There are so many ways to add variety in F2F classrooms - from class discussions to pair/group work to individual assignments, the possibility of learner […]

Learning with a Spoonful of Sugar - Games for Learning

via GIPHY Learning may be many things, but at the end of the day, learning is personal, something one does to one's self. Using games […]

Digital Media Fluencies

Time and time again I see how institutions portray long lists of requirements for candidates. Sometimes there is even a mention of how they want […]

In A Nutshell - An Activity for Business English Students

How many educators really know their students? Perhaps when you are teaching classes of 20+ learners, are swamped with administrative duties which eat away at […] Genius!

As 2016 slowly heads towards its end, the rich tapestry of celebrations around the world crosses my mind - from the many different ways wedding […]

Avatars and Poetry Generators for Halloween

There is something about Halloween that brings avatars to mind. Perhaps it's the playful dressing up, or perhaps the elements of storytelling that both bring […]

Where in the World? Awakening Geography

Respect for the environment, for nature, for cultural differences, comes with learning about our planet, about our world and the worlds within it.  Learning Geography […]

The Art of Giving, the Craft of Thinking

Late October, and Halloween will soon be here. A few more weeks and the season of giving will descend with a thud of consumerism that […]

Reflecting Through Writing

If April is the cruellest month, then November must certainly be a month of reflection, of balancing the past year and slowly making those New […]

Interactive Videos

via GIPHY What if learning could be as simple a playing with coloured blocks? What if learning could take place anywhere, anytime, with moving pieces, […]