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Cursim specializes in engaging and compelling instructional design, with a focus on learner experience. And, we do all this within Articulate Storyline. The Cursim Blog offers expert insight in contenet development.

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The one skill that makes a successful eLearning developer

In a previous role, I was responsible for a software development team which contained many different and varying characters. In the team, there were two […]

Get your learners ‘leaning forward’ with great eLearning interactions

When first sitting down to write this blog, I thought I would just distil the essence of “good interactions”. Easy, right? All I have to […]

How to use gamification in eLearning

There’s a lot of discussion about gamification in eLearning at the moment. But what is gamification and what does it mean in an eLearning context? […]

Sliding into successful software simulations with Storyline 2 sliders

I recently wrote a post about software simulation in Articulate Storyline 2 – Six-cess: Six secrets to successful software simulation in Storyline 2 – and one […]

In eLearning content development, how much text is too much text?

You’re sitting through an eLearning course and a slide comes up full of text. I bet you roll your eyes just as much as I […]

Six-cess: Six secrets of software simulation in Storyline 2

The title’s a tongue-twister, I know. But, the eLearning software simulation element of Articulate Storyline 2 is a great feature. When we cover simulation in our […]

How to get your audience hooked from the first slide

You have got a little more than a minute to get your audience hooked to your course from the very beginning. So, the first couple […]

The ABCs of the eLearning Content Development Stages

Well, technically the title should read “The A, B… Gs of the eLearning Content Development Phase”. The acronyms, of course, standing for “Alpha”, “Beta” and “Gold”. […]

eLearning Content Development: 10 Commandments

eLearning content development can be a daunting prospect, particularly when you’re new to it. Even now, after years in the industry, I still need to […]

DESIGN: More Than Colour Schemes & Fonts

When it comes to designing a course, focusing on the content as well as the audience is important. When thinking of design, our minds tend […]

4 tips on how to use variables within Storyline 2

Have you ever sat through a “one size fits all” eLearning course wishing that it was written with you in mind? One of the advantages […]

Solo or Tandem: When to Use an External eLearning Content Development Team

Having worked in the eLearning industry for more years than I would like to admit, I have heard the question of whether to use an […]