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This blog deals with the evolving nature of online course design and education. The focus is on describing concepts from the point of view of a new model for online education where learners and educators have the role of being agents of change in society. Online course design strives to incorporate irresistibly engaging learning experiences that harness evolving technologies and pedagogy with the goal of developing a culture of innovation.

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Exploring the Dark Side of Big Data

 A Big Data Scenario: " I have a story to tell........" Credit: www.amuellergh108.blogspot.ca  I confess that I have a fondness for military and espionage fiction. […]

Critical Thinking and the Crisis of Credibility

On numerous occasions I have raised the alarm through posts that students in educational institutions are being taught "what to think instead of how to […]

Part III: AI or Humanity--Can AI and Humans Play Nice?

Much of what has been said about AI in the past has been tied to the field of Robotics. From books such as" I, Robot" […]

Part II: 21st Century Technology and Business Organizations-The Year 2016 Trends

The previous question that decision makers need to consider stated: "With the explosion of technology advancement in 2016, how do I know which technologies will […]

First Post in E-learning Industry

My first post to e-Learning Industry will be on Jan. 29, 2017. Part II of this post will go to the reviewer shortly after.

Important Changes and Opportunities!

People who read articles here on this e-Learning blog are probably wondering if I passed away or I ran out of things to say about […]

E-Learning in 2017--The Adventure is Just Beginning ...Part I

It has been said that often hindsight is 20/20. This could be applied to the advancement of E-Learning in 2016. This past year will be […]

Engaging the Power of E-Learning: In Search of a New Mandate

As we come to the end of 2016, it is important that we step back from the routines and priorities that we have listed and […]

Drawing a Line In the Sand: Critical Thinking Vs. Post Truth Age-Part II

A point that needs to be re-emphasized is that accepting the "Post-Truth Age" as our new reality is dangerous on many levels and the key […]

Drawing A Line In the Sand: Critical Thinking vs. the Post Truth Age: Part I

In this 21st century, we all have been mystified by the current events of our age from the expansionist adventurism of Russia into the Ukraine […]

The Power of Engagement--Part IV---Leading Business Organizations into the Future

If the goal of a business organization is to seize the opportunity to grow through engaging their employees in innovative and creative thinking, then the […]

The Power of Engagement--Leading By Example--Part III--Plotting Paths of Least Resistance

The sobering statistic stated in the previous post that only 31% of business organizations identify having an effective learning culture as an integral part of […]