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Why Your Training Is Failing... And How To Fix It

by Shane Lueck It seems outlandish to consider that the amount spent by companies on training has risen steadily over the past decade, culminating in […]

How To Use Images Creatively In Your ELearning Design

  by Eric Berget & Andy Schiemo Dashe & Thomson's award-winning creative director, Eric Berget, explains how to use images creatively in your eLearning design. […]

Hijack Learning Retention Rates by Teaching Learners to Fish

by Shane Lueck It’s time to face the facts; traditional training is broken. Traditional training methods might provide very short-term performance gains, but knowledge retention […]

Elevate Your eLearning: How To Storyboard Like A Boss

by Claire Narum Good eLearning doesn’t simply create itself (though that would be great, wouldn’t it?). Just like every Beyoncé starts by singing into a […]

How to Motivate Your Team: 12 Must-Have Methods For The L&D Manager

by Nell Gelhaus Plenty of material is available for learning and development professionals who are looking for ways to increase their employees’ desire to learn. […]

What Is Performance Support? And Why Won't People Stop Talking About It?

by Jolene Rowan Education experts have said for years the important role performance support plays in building competency. It tackles head-on two fundamental challenges of […]

How to Get ROI by Using Social Media for Learning

By Amber Pandya It’s 2017; social media is almost synonymous with communication, especially among millennials (see our previous post, How to Train Your Millennial). Let’s […]

Beyond The Power Lunch: The Networking Edge You Need To Know

Networking is not a new concept. It used to mean the power lunch, golfing with colleagues, or drinks after work. Then came the growth of […]

Tim Gunn's “Natty Approach” to Learning

by Shane Lueck Anyone familiar with Tim Gunn knows that he does everything with a certain level of finesse. As the Emmy-winning mentor extraordinaire from Project Runway, […]

How To Be An Effective Leader During A Crisis

by Emily Walters, guest author If everything played out like a film, you’d know exactly what to do during a crisis. Whether it’s heading up […]

19 Productivity-Boosting Apps for L&D Project Managers

The project management profession is growing into its own. Just last year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics issued project management its own occupational category, a confirmation […]

The Science of Learning: 5 Things to Literally Keep in Mind

While our technology changes at an incredible rate, the brain evolves slowly, allowing for the vast amount of existing cognitive-science research on how the brain […]