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Digital Bodies covers developments in Virtual Reality, Wearables and their impact on Media and Education. Wearable devices and immersive experiences through VR are the next revolution in technology, an era that will transform how we communicate, learn, understand the world and ourselves. Wearables will become an extension of our natural and creative selves as we venture into new frontiers of storytelling, entertainment, learning and professional development. Join us as we explore how the human becomes digital and the digital becomes human. This year we were honored to be listed in the Top Ten of EdTech's list of 50 Must Read Higher Ed Blogs.

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AR, VR and AI Dominate Facebook’s F8 Conference

Digital Bodies: F8, the Facebook Developer conference, takes place for two days each April. This year, AR, VR and AI were at the center of […]

Snapchat’s New World Lenses – AR Filters for Your Photos and Videos

Digital Bodies: Snapchat’s new World Lenses can paint the world around you with 3D experiences. The new AR life filters lets you place rainbows and clouds […]

HoloLens Easter Egg Hunt in Mixed Reality

Digital Bodies: Are you ready for an Easter in Augmented Reality? Microsoft premiered its HoloLens Easter Egg Hunt at VRLA conference this weekend. As you […]

‘Tornuffalo’ Shows us the Future of Full-body VR Gaming

Digital Bodies: Whether or not you want to play Tornuffalo, it’s a glimpse into the future of full-body VR gaming. And maybe a glimpse into […]

Inexpensive Microsoft VR Headsets Coming This Year

Digital Bodies: A lot of work has gone into HoloLens, but Microsoft is now promising to deliver inexpensive VR headsets by the end of this […]

The New Samsung Gear VR Headset – A Quick Review

Digital Bodies: The new Samsung Gear VR headset was released last week, moving into the space staked out by Google’s Daydream View. While we were hoping […]

Using AR in Retail – Amazon Explores Augmented Reality

Digital Bodies: Amazon’s always been the thorn in the side of brick and mortar retail. But now it appears they may use AR in retail […]

Intel VR Headset to be Released This Year

Digital Bodies: The announcement of an Intel VR headset is great news. Project Alloy has been on our radar since the initial demo and Matrix-like […]

Lowe’s VR and AR Initiatives Take a Major Step Forward

Digital Bodies: We noted previously that Lowe’s VR and AR initiatives were more than just minor retail experiments. The home improvement company has major plans […]

Favorite Spots at SXSW 2017 for VR, AR and AI Experiences

Digital Bodies: The SXSW 2017 conference-festival taking place in Austin is like no other. It starts with a conference on education and goes through interactive, […]

Augmented Reality with Meta Glasses at SXSW

Digital Bodies: Market predictions have been suggesting the rise of Augmented Reality in the next 5-10 years. With AR, our world will be enveloped in […]

New AR Apps Revealing the Future of Retail and Education

Digital Bodies: New AR apps have been in the news recently with the announcement of an augmented reality app by Shazam. And Blippar just won […]