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In this blog we share news about Docebo and the E-Learning Market through infographics, market researches and quotes from top influencers of this segment. We are particularly interested in SaaS and LMSs.

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Boost Employee Productivity Exponentially with eLearning Investments

Every dollar spent on eLearning is an investment in employee productivity For companies trying to revamp their learning programs, it can be difficult finding a […]

eLearning Trends Webinar Prepares L&D Leaders for Future Success

Get one step ahead of the trends shaping the L&D industry at our eLearning trends webinar When you are a leader in learning and development […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Empower Your Sales Team Using Online Training

Discover how online sales training programs boost the performance of your sales team Your sales team can make or break your bottom line. As such, […]

Why Corporate MOOCs Still Play a Vital Role in the eLearning Market

Global businesses continue to leverage MOOCs to empower learners, expand reach: report As an element of eLearning, massive open online courses (MOOCs) are not necessarily […]

Docebo-Elucidat Integration Makes Content Publishing Quick & Painless

Get learning content in front of users with seamless, one-step course content publication Anyone with experience in the eLearning realm knows there are two key […]

Put Your Learners in the Driver’s Seat with Learning 3.0 Strategies

Learning 3.0 breaks teacher-learner wall and makes learning a shared, social responsibility The eLearning community has talked about the emergence of Learning 3.0 for just […]

3 Reasons Workplace Social Learning Is the Key to Engagement & Results

Technology and social learning teaming up to transform the future of corporate training Let’s be honest – in many ways, workplace social learning is nothing […]

Empower Learners with Access to Docebo’s eLearning Content Marketplace

Learners granted access to boundless content offering through Docebo content marketplace Docebo is pleased to announce that our award-winning learning management system (LMS) now connects […]

Avoid Needless Training Costs With Seamless Webex-Docebo Integration

Avoid the unnecessary costs of training by linking Docebo directly to Cisco Webex We all know that having a real trainer is engaging, but if […]

Use Microlearning to Engage Learners and Improve eLearning Results

Microlearning gets content in front of users in fast, effective ways for eLearning results There are so many ways of receiving information these days. Blogs, […]

Improve Online Learner Engagement with 3 Learner-Centric Strategies

Boost the Impact of Your eLearning Program with These Learner-Centric Best Practices Learner-centric eLearning programs are often held up as the gold standard, but they […]

eLearning Content is Evolving: 3 Trends You Need to Know About

The eLearning Market Trends Report 2017-2021 Addresses What To Expect From Content Tools Even as the eLearning industry has evolved, people who are responsible for […]