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In this blog we share news about Docebo and the E-Learning Market through infographics, market researches and quotes from top influencers of this segment. We are particularly interested in SaaS and LMSs.

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Build an Enterprise Mobility Strategy that Engages Learners

Embrace the mobile future by aligning L&D with enterprise mobility in corporate eLearning Put your phone down for a moment and consider reading this post. […]

Take Social Learning to the Next Level with User-Generated Playlists in Docebo

Docebo’s new Playlist feature helps support learning as it actually happens Your learning management system should be able to support learning as it actually happens. […]

Laura Overton Reveals the L&D Benchmarks You Need to Know

Laura Overton shares key L&D insights from the Towards Learning Maturity Benchmark Report™ Hungry for change in your learning and development strategy? According to Laura […]

How to Build the Case for Social Learning at Your Organization

Docebo’s Corey Marcel explains how your organization can launch a social learning initiative There’s a lot of buzz about social learning, but what does it […]

7 Tips To Create Online Training Courses For Distracted Employees

Your distracted employees could be costing you big. Here’s how to counter lost productivity Do your employees have to contend with distractions that delay their […]

What You Need to Do to Gain Internal Buy-In for a New LMS

Here’s everything you need to gain executive buy-in for your LMS project Understanding the benefits that a learning management system can bring to your organization […]

Leverage Marketing Tools to Improve L&D Effectiveness

By communicating effectively to audiences, marketers can help L&D better reach learners Marketers are excellent at writing short and precise messages that resonate with their […]

Docebo on the Road: The North American Tour

Catch up with Docebo in Toronto or San Francisco for valuable eLearning insights We’re excited to kick off the North American leg of our Docebo […]

LMS Stakeholders Critical to Finding the Right eLearning System

Brandon Hall Group LMS buyer’s guide highlights how to build a better business case Anyone who has ever tried to purchase a software tool within […]

LMS User Experience Defines Success or Failure in eLearning Initiatives

Learner experience is the defining element of a successful eLearning program When a learning and development leader enters the new LMS conversation, there are many […]

Webinar: Leverage eLearning Content Integrations in Your LMS

Learn how to seamlessly integrate off-the-shelf training content with your LMS The success of any eLearning strategy depends on two essential ingredients: 1) the quality […]

Enable Ecommerce Subscriptions to Boost Training Sales with an LMS

Open a recurring revenue stream by selling training via subscriptions in Docebo 7.0 Have you ever considered turning your learning management system into a revenue […]