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A complete LMS (Learning Management System) that meets all your needs. DOKEOS MANAGER is a complete Learning Management System. Thanks to an intuitive interface, you can manage your training curriculum in a few clicks.

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7 Ways Dokeos LMS Helps With FDA’s Quality Control Metrics

FDA proposes that drug manufacturing companies should calculate four KPIs to prevent shortages and uphold QA standards. In this article, I’ll explore 7 ways your […]

8 Tips To Structure An eClinical Training Program To Improve Employee Performance

Does your organization use eClinical technology to manage, organize, and analyze research data? Do your trial managers and staff know how to use the tools […]

8 tips to improve your GMP online training for medical device and pharmaceutical companies

QA guidelines, strong compliance culture, microlearning, branching scenarios and feedback are key ingredients to improve quickly your GMP online training. Is your Quality Assurance online […]

6 reasons companies change their Quality Management System for a Learning Management System

Track online training, monitor individual performance, improve ROI… Is your company taking the leap & switching from a Quality Management System to a LMS? Quality […]

In 2017, workplace learning will be collaborative

Workplace learning has evolved significantly. But many organisations still need to make an effort to shift from social learning to collaborative learning. An LMS like […]

Training external partners in the healthcare sector

What are the key objectives when training external partners? Reducing risks, improving quality of care, and engaging patients to cut costs. Healthcare sector: 3 key […]

GMP training management in pharmaceutical companies

Good Manufacturing Practices or GMP training with regulatory compliant Dokeos LMS ensure GMP compliance at all levels of decision, action and automation.  GMP training for automated […]

Extended enterprise training: Pneu Wyz has chosen Dokeos

To improve its clients’ performance in selling tyre products, Pneu Wyz has developed an extended entreprise training based on eLearning. Pneu Wyz, the online tyre specialist, […]

Distance training: IFCDis, a loyal user of Dokeos LMS

A case study of Dokeos LMS. Why does IFCDis place its faith in Dokeos to provide distance learning to the commercial and large retail sectors? […]

Integrate your dynamic HTML5 content into Dokeos!

Improve your elearning modules with dynamic HTML5 content. Integrate your Prezi, ThingLink and modules into Dokeos in minutes. Many companies use online tools, such as […]

6 tips to create amazing hands-on online training demos

Online training demos offer employees a visual walk through of complex processes, which helps to improve retention and understanding. The saying goes that “seeing is […]

Sales force training with the Dokeos LMS

Why invest in sales force training and training for the franchisee network? How do you create and implement effective e-learning based training? The purposes served […]