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Dr. J writes a weekly blog to inspire and inform your work as an educator, trainer, or teacher; and also create a positive mindset about your career. Adult education, distance learning, online teaching, higher education, and career development are some of the topics you can read about on this informative blog.

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What Should You Do When Academic Performance Declines?

As an educator, I care about my students – all of them. Even the students who challenge me and occasionally cause me to walk away […]

How Do You Help Students Who Won't Help Themselves?

It would seem that students should want the help of their instructors, especially when they are struggling with course topics, assignments, and meeting deadlines. But […]

How Do You Create Value for Students in Higher Education?

I have written numerous articles about best practices for educators to use when teaching adult students, and I have enjoyed conversations that have begun as […]

Here's How You Can Empower Students to Perform Their Best

When you see a new class of students for the first time, or interact with a group of online students for the very first time, […]

Here is How to Learn Adult Education Basics for Instructors

Would You Like to Learn Adult Education Basics? How does an instructor transform their instructional practice and become a highly engaging and transformational educator? They […]

Learn How to Take the Distance Out of Distance Learning

Would You Like to Learn to Learn How to Take the Distance Out of Distance Learning? This is a unique course that is based upon […]

Learn Advanced Online Teaching Strategies

Would You Like to Learn Advanced Online Teaching Strategies? Have you taught online courses and wanted to develop your online teaching skills further? This course […]

You Can Learn to Prepare for Online Teaching as a Career

Are you interested in becoming an online instructor? Are you just beginning your career as an online instructor? Or would you like to advance your […]

Can You Tell When Any Student Is at Risk for Failure?

If you were to ask an instructor which students in a particular class were likely to fail, the easiest indicator would be grades as that […]

How Do You Make a Difference for Your Students?

What do you believe students remember most about the courses they have taken? Is it the course, the school, their grades, their instructors, or something […]

What Is the Secret to Student Success?

Within the field of higher education, one of the important metrics for gauging the effectiveness of programs is student retention. Retention measures the number of […]

Here's Why Every Student Needs Your Time and Attention

Let's face it, teaching adult students takes a great deal of time and energy. When you are assigned a large class size, the number of […]