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Dr. J writes a weekly blog to inspire and inform your work as an educator, trainer, or teacher; and also create a positive mindset about your career. Adult education, distance learning, online teaching, higher education, and career development are some of the topics you can read about on this informative blog.

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Will a Doctorate Degree Provide Long-Term Career Benefits?

Completing a doctorate degree is a significant accomplishment. This achievement represents the culmination of hard work, extensive critical thinking and research about the chosen field […]

The Self-Titled Expert is On The Rise: Can Anyone Be a SME?

There is an interesting trend occurring, one which is becoming prominent because of career-related websites such as LinkedIn, and it is the increase in the […]

How Will This Alarming Recruitment Issue Be Fixed?

There is a trend occurring in the field of human resources, more specifically the field of talent acquisition, and I am not the only one […]

Dr. J's May Educator Book Sale

Every educator has ongoing professional development needs. When the search for resources begins,  some of the most important criteria often includes affordability, relevance, and ease […]

Do You Need to Discover a True Purpose For Your Career?

Career coaching programs have become very popular and yet there is a bit of mystery involved because of the number of programs that are available, […]

This Critical Element Determines the Outcome of Your Job Search

Are you looking for a job? Or do you plan to look for a job in the near future? Those questions represent the most common […]

Is Strict Discipline Needed With Adult Students?

I expect you to listen during my class lectures. Here, let me help you. I can provide you with the answer. As an educator, are […]

Here's How You Help Students Develop an "I Can" Attitude

Teaching adult students is a rewarding experience as I have found them to be goal driven and motivated to learn something they can apply to […]

What Should You Do When Academic Performance Declines?

As an educator, I care about my students – all of them. Even the students who challenge me and occasionally cause me to walk away […]

How Do You Help Students Who Won't Help Themselves?

It would seem that students should want the help of their instructors, especially when they are struggling with course topics, assignments, and meeting deadlines. But […]

How Do You Create Value for Students in Higher Education?

I have written numerous articles about best practices for educators to use when teaching adult students, and I have enjoyed conversations that have begun as […]

Here's How You Can Empower Students to Perform Their Best

When you see a new class of students for the first time, or interact with a group of online students for the very first time, […]