eFront is a modern-age LMS bundled with rich social & enterprise functionality. eFront solutions emphasize user-experience without compromising on functionality. eFront enables functions such as community learning, supports the principle of collective knowledge and provides functionality towards personalized learning. eFront bridges the gap between Enterprise, Educational, Open-Source and Proprietary learning.

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How To Facilitate Technical Learning For Your Employees And Customers

Due to its “dry and drab” nature, training managers often find that imparting or even motivating employees to attend technical learning is a huge challenge. […]

How To Implement Interactive Self-Paced Online Courses In A Corporate Environment

There’s no doubt that eLearning has completely transformed the world of corporate training. It’s not just the unique flexibility it offers, it’s also the fact […]

8 Unexpected Ways To Use Microlearning Online Training Activities

Microlearning improves knowledge retention and gives employees the ability to brush up on skills whenever it’s most convenient. In this article, we’ll discuss 8 unexpected […]

What Are The Most Common Training Challenges And How Do Successful Managers Overcome Them?

Whether your organization is well-established or a brand new startup, one thing you cannot afford to ignore is providing your employees with the best possible […]

Get Personal: Instructor-Led Training With eFrontPro

Contrary to popular belief, eLearning is not an enemy to traditional, in-person training. With LMS support for instructor-led training (whether classroom-based or in the form […]

Choosing Your LMS: The SAQs And Their Answers

Choosing the right Talent Development platform can be difficult. And I don’t just say it because I’m one of those people that take ages to […]

Uniquely Yours: eFrontPro Customization Options

Whether it’s a new home, a new laptop, or a new Talent Development portal, it’s only human to want to make it yours with your […]

Personalized Learning Strategies: The Philosophy, Execution, and Pitfalls to avoid

There’s no doubt that personalized experiences, from web browsing to in-store shopping, and even dining out, make for better outcomes. In the realm of education, […]

Flip your classroom: The benefits & challenges of the flipped classroom approach in enterprise learning

Growing pressure on corporate training budgets and the high demand on company trainers, mentors and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), has put renewed focus on alternative […]

The Dos And Don’ts Of Managing People: How To Mend Broken Morale

Perhaps you’ve encountered this before in your career: You get an exciting, challenging position in an outstanding company. It should be a dream job, and […]

Designing mobile SCORM for the eFrontPro Android app

The latest task for the eFrontPro team was to study and implement SCORM on the Android app. As mobile SCORM was requested and eagerly anticipated […]

Gamification Examples: How to bring fun into business eLearning

Gamification is a merger of technology and psychology that makes learning fun and engaging. However, one cannot successfully apply gamification examples in business eLearning environments […]