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2016’s Best New Resources

Recently, Webdesigner Depot posted a great article with the 50+ best of “what’s new for designers” 2016. This post includes some great resources specifically aimed […]

3 Simple Techniques to Gamify Your Course

"Gamification" has been a buzzword in the eLearning industry for quite awhile now. But what is it, why should you do it and how can […]

6 Common eLearning Topics in Today's Workplace

Are you thinking about deploying an eLearning course to your employees, but aren't quite sure if it would work given your content? What kind of […]

Classroom to Computer: Activity #1

Classroom to Computer: Activity #1 Many feel that the classroom experience can never be replicated over the computer. While to some extent, that's true, learners […]

Find Your eLearning Voice

Have you ever attended an eLearning lecture? Sometimes I review courses and think, "They must have copy+pasted this information from somewhere, because it certainly isn't […]