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Adobe Captivate Template Of The Week – Branching Structure

Presenting content with multiple branches can be a real challenge for Instructional Designers. This week we will explore an Abode Captivate Branching Template, which is […]

How To Download And Customize Articulate Storyline Templates

Articulate Storyline templates are a popular choice among instructional designers and for a good reason. In this post, you will see how easy it is […]

Instructional Design Process: A Step-By-Step Guide

Instructional Design is an inextricable part of eLearning course development. Although there are several approaches regarding the eLearning course development, there are some mandatory steps […]

Adobe Captivate Template Of The Week: Timeline With Text And Icon

Timelines are an effective way to visualize and organize content in an attention-grabbing way. In this post, we will explore the features of an Adobe […]

Articulate Storyline Template Of The Week – Assessment: Color Picker Activity

Assessments are critical for any eLearning course. eLearningDom library offers several unique and engaging assessment Articulate Storyline Templates. This week we will be reviewing an […]

Visual Analogies Templates: Featuring 3 Killer Examples

As Instructional Designers, we often have to use visual analogies to help learners recall prior knowledge and link it to a new content. Here are […]

Articulate Storyline Template Of The Week – Preferred Style Of Visual Design Listing Solutions

One of the most common and preferred style of visual design is to present the content as a list. At this article we will explore […]

Articulate Storyline Template Of The Week – Assessment: Drag And Drop

Drag And Drop Articulate Storyline Template Of The Week Drag and drop interactivity is quite a common and yet an extremely engaging way to test […]

eLearning Course Development: Best Practices

eLearning Course Development Best Practices As we know, eLearning course development is a long, step-wise process. From gathering correct requirements at the start all the […]

4 Advantages Of Using eLearning Templates

The Advantages Of Using eLearning Templates Designing and developing an eLearning course or curriculum is a time intensive task. The project lifecycle involves going through […]

Best Practices For eLearning Content Development

eLearning Content Development: Best Practices  As Instructional Designers, we always aim at developing and delivering eLearning solutions that will help build the learners knowledge level. For […]

How To Use Articulate Storyline Templates

10 Key Categories Of Articulate Storyline Templates And How To Use Them What sets your course apart from the rest? How dynamic is your course? […]