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ej4 Launches "The Quad," A New Social Learning Technology

The Quad is a new feature of ej4's Thinkzoom LMS campus where learners create their own informal network of peers to see what courses others […]

Using Change Management For Mobile Learning

If you are curious about how your first mobile learning project can benefit from change management, this article gives you the definitive answer. Learn how […]

5 Tips To Measure Employee Engagement With A Training Management Platform

If your training company has made the move to using a training management platform, it's important to make sure your staff are using it effectively […]

Divide And Conquer With eFrontPro's User Management Features - Part 3

We've said it once, we'll say it again: User management is as important a feature for a Talent Development platform as any other you can […]

How Are Performance Support Tools Different From Training? 3 PST Examples Featuring Microlearning

Formal trainings are often not enough to obtain the required gains in employee performance. This article outlines the difference between training and Performance Support Tools […]

Should L&D And HR Be Architects Of Lifelong Learning In The Workforce?

In this webinar, we discuss if L&D currently advocates or has the mandate to support Lifelong Learning and how best they can achieve this. Join […]

6 Tips To Transition From Revenue To Retention-Focused Customer Training

Learn why the SaaS model has made customer success today’s critical training objective. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Quiz: How Much Do You Hate Your Authoring Tool?

Hate is a strong word but when it comes to your authoring tool it might just be the word you need to describe your feelings. […]

10 Reasons To Use Learning Apps

Wondering about the secret to unlocking monster-sized engagement with your training problem? There might be a pocket-sized solution... This post was first published on eLearning […]

5 Strong Features Of The Gomo eLearning Authoring Tool

This article is about all-in-one gomo eLearning authoring tool, and its many benefits, including cloud-based storage, responsive and adaptive HTML5 multi-device capabilities, and powerful built-in […]

Learning Platforms: The Ultimate Pocket Guide

Learning platforms, more commonly referred to as Learning Management Systems, have witnessed extreme popularity lately, mostly due to a rise in the development of eLearning […]

Free eBook - LMS Reporting And Measurement For Online Training

In this free eBook, we’ve collected our favorite posts that we’ve produced on reporting and measurement for online training. It’s your one-stop resource for all […]