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9 Must-Haves For Multiplatform-Friendly Online Training Courses

Are your employees busy, overworked, and in need of on-the-spot training? If so, it may be time to bring your online training course on the […]

4 Advantages Of Open Navigation In eLearning

While HTML5 still offers a fixed navigation capability, there are numerous advantages in open navigation in eLearning. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

4 Reasons Depicting The Significance Of Online IT Training

This article depicts the challenges IT employees are facing in learning the latest technologies, as well as how they can overcome this problem by receiving […]

Online Education: Your Chance To Enhance Job Skills In Today’s World

In this article, a brief story about the importance of online education will be explained and how it is helping in redefining and reshaping the […]

8 Tips To Promote Your eLearning Event Using Social Media

If you aren't using social media to promote your eLearning events, you may be missing out on a golden opportunity. But have no fear, because […]

8 Best Practices To Create Learner-Centered eLearning Courses

Are your online learners getting the personal attention they need to fulfill their goals? In this article, I'll share the best practices for creating learner-centered […]

NEO LMS Was Selected As A Finalist For The GESS Education Awards

NEO, the LMS for schools and universities from CYPHER LEARNING, was selected as a finalist for the GESS Education Awards in the category ‘Best Paid […]

Authoring Tools With Inbuilt Survey Tools: 5 Reasons To Run A Survey In Your Next Learning Project

Delving into learners' opinions, needs, and wants helps you understand their behaviors, so you can offer better learning experiences. In this article we'll look at […]

Why You Need Multiple Subject Matter Experts

We often look for a single Subject Matter Expert to provide all the inputs that we need for a learning project. But that may not […]

Subscriptions On The Cloud: TalentLMS Pricing Options

Cost is one of the most constant headaches for anyone running a business, and with good reason. But, why not make it predictable and lighten […]

7 Ways To Build Interactive Video Learning

For a truly engaging training experience, audio, quizzes, games, at-your-desk assignments, and other forms of learner engagement will make your training fully immersive and memorable. […]

4 Questions For Evaluating Temporary Learning And Development Talent

When evaluating temporary Learning and Development talent, some of the most important questions are the ones you’ll ask yourself. The following article, with excerpts from […]