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8 Ways To Encourage Online Learner Reflection In eLearning

Reflection helps online learners absorb and assimilate the information more effectively. It also allows them to put their newfound knowledge into a real-world context. In […]

Thought Industries Launches Panorama To Streamline B2B Content Delivery

Panorama empowers businesses to easily scale online learning and training to internal and external groups, departments, and B2B organizations. This post was first published on […]

Time: Design's 4th Dimension

Screen real estate is limited. Make better use of the space you have by using time to control what shows when. This post was first […]

Questions To Ask A Prospective LMS Support Provider

The following offers a guide to the sorts of questions you should be asking during the procurement process to help you find the right LMS […]

4 Ways A Project Management Tool Helps Teams In eLearning Projects

eLearning is considered to be among the best ways to provide training to employees. It not only saves their valuable time, but also ensures effective […]

8 Key LMS Investment Questions To Consider When Building A Business Case

Building a business case for a new or replacement LMS can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Check out these basic tips and […]

10 Basic Insurance Online Training Courses

Whether you are looking to get an insurance license or simply want to know more about the products available on the market, the internet is […]

3 Skills You Can Easily Improve Online

Improving your skills will indeed make you a better person; this leads to improved productivity. The following information gives you a few examples of skills […]

6 Ways To Facilitate Lateral Thinking In Online Training

Edward de Bono, the psychologist and author who introduced the term "lateral thinking" back in 1973, said that "Rightness is what matters in vertical thinking. […]

9 Best Practices For Creating Multiplatform-Friendly eLearning Assessments

Your online learners are pressed for time and always on the go. But you still need to test their knowledge. The ideal solution may be […]

3 Top Online Dictionaries For K12 Pupils

Dictionaries have undergone a significant modification and growth with the emerge of the technologies and the new media utilisation. How were they used in the […]

11 Steps To Create An Interactive Timeline Or Map With PowerPoint

A simple tutorial for creating an interactive timeline or map with PowerPoint. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.