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Elsevier and AMA Will Co-Develop eLearning Content for CPT

The global information analytics firm will work alongside the AMA to keep healthcare professionals informed about changes to Current Procedural Terminology. The post Elsevier and […]

Instructure Launches Gauge for K-12 Educators

There is a growing trend in training to link training to metrics on employee performance. This means that rather than human resources departments deciding which […]

Pearson’s eLearning Initiatives Aim to Reduce College Costs

A recently announced partnership with Barnes & Noble Education is part of a series of eLearning initiatives undertaken by Pearson. The post Pearson’s eLearning Initiatives […]

Infosys Contracts with Udacity to Offer Training and Nanodegrees

Last month, Infosys, which is known as a global leader in consulting, technology, and outsourcing, announced that it was partnering with online education company, Udacity, for […]

The Myth of the “Digital Native” Generation

The educational paradigm changed to accommodate the perceived needs of "digital natives." New evidence suggests that might have been a mistake. The post The Myth […]

Moodle LMS security leaves 1000’s of servers vulnerable

Moodle learning management system huge security flaw leaves 1000's of servers vulnerable to hacks. Learn how to patch you Moodle installation to prevent hack attacks. […]

Revised Standards Ensure Accessibility in eLearning

New federal standards are putting pressure on companies and universities to provide eLearning content that's accessible to individuals with disabilities. The post Revised Standards Ensure […]

eLearning Transforms the Lives of Autistic Children

The Geneva Centre for Autism has been transforming the live of children and families with autism for over four decades. Indeed, long before most people […]

3 Easy Microlearning Techniques to Grab Your Learner’s Attention

Type “microlearning” into your favorite word processing application. If you haven’t added it to your dictionary as I have, it’ll be flagged as a misspelled […]

3 Reasons Why Post-Secondary Online Learning is Absolutely Crushing it

3 reasons why post-secondary online learning is absolutely crushing it   A few weeks ago I ran across a Twitter post that read, “1998: Don’t […]

Could Algorithms Replace Teachers?

Teachers are far from perfect. Ask any parent with school-age children, and they will soon start to share stories about unfair and inaccurate grading, negligence, […]

The Value of Digital Certifications: HubSpot, Hootsuite, and Google

The shift away from classroom-based learning has led to the rise of digital certifications. A certification is available for nearly every digital tool. The post […]