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I share my thoughts and reflections on learning design in my blog. My posts revolve around my work experiences and learning. My passion is to make learning an unforgettable experience for learners.

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Posts by Elham Thinks That

What Makes Modern Workplace Learning More Attainable?

With new trends in L&D and more revolutionary ideas in workplace learning, you must have witnessed major transitions in organizations moving away from conventional training […]

Grit and Workplace Learning – Related?

It’s been a long time I haven’t been active online. I must admit I felt I needed a break from the Web World (only social […]

More on Learner Types: 4MAT Model

In my last post, I shared that we need to focus more on cognitive styles of learners rather than their learning preferences. In this post, […]

Cognitive Styles in Learning Design

Most of us when being trained or studying instructional design have been told to take learner’s learning styles or preferences into consideration. This has made […]

The Long-Awaited Change in Learning

I recently finished a book, called Simpleology, by Mark Joyner and some parts of it resonated with me as an L&D professional. Joyner shares a […]

Learning Agility

Last week’s topic of #PKMchat was agile learning. This relatively new buzzword has captured L&D professionals’ attention, as learning agility has become increasingly important for […]

ReAct Resilience Workshop – My First Volunteering Experience as an ID

Last year I volunteered for a charitable organization_ ReAct _ whose cause is different from many other NPOs that I have seen or worked with. […]

Volition in Learning Design

The ongoing debate on making learning stick might make us wonder whether it is the learning design or the learner to make it happen. I’m […]

Breadth first vs Depth first in Learning Design

It’s been long since I last wrote, as actually this post was supposed to be shared over a month ago, but things got hectic and […]

Another Learning Event – Another Reflection

Last week I attended LearnTech Asia conference, which I was so looking forward to. I’ll share some snippets of it and hope you’ll find this […]

My Reflections on a Learning Event

Around a week ago, I was kindly invited to speak at TLCAsia Conference organized by Blackboard. It was indeed a great conference with great speakers […]

Learning to Teach Online – My Takeaway

I’ve just completed a Coursera course on Online Teaching. This was my fourth Mooc but the first one that I completed throughout as I signed […]