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Elucidat is e-learning authoring software that solves the challenges that high volume, high performance e-learning authoring teams experience when using desktop-based authoring software built for individuals. We are dedicated to improving the lives of high performance e-learning teams by making software that ensures the process of authoring, publishing and maintaining e-learning is as easy and pain free as possible.

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Facebook’s “Privacy Basics” Isn’t Your Traditional Elearning Course

Sometimes a job aid or reference guide is all you need. Facebook has developed a series of visual guides that cover the tools that protect […]

Why Saxo Bank Chose Elucidat To Create And Deliver Multi-language Customer Training

Saxo Bank was looking for a solution help the learning team quickly create, translate and deliver content to their customers in multiple languages across the world. Saxo Bank needed a […]

How Training And Content Providers Can Take Their Product To Market In Multiple Languages, In Minutes

If you’ve created online training that you want to take to a global market, how can you translate and localize the content without hefty processes and expenses? […]

Open University’s “Which Brontë Sister?” Uses Elucidat’s Simple Yet Powerful Quiz Page Type

Do quizzes really do anything for anyone? Research says “Yes!” Quizzes can be used to test what people have learned but also what people want […]

If Personalization Is The Michelin Star Of Learning, Why Serve Up A Buffet?

Why create a free for all buffet when you can so easily go for Michelin standards and cater for personal needs? Kirstie Greany explains why […]

Did You Know You Can Use Elucidat To Run Surveys In Your Learning Project?

Tapping into learners’ behaviors and trends is a powerful thing, as we’ve written about before in our previous article on analytics and data. But did […]

10 Practical Tips For Integrating Learning Into The Workflow

Reading the recent Towards Maturity report on the state of learning in organizations, it’s clear that we all need to do more to connect the […]

Best Of 2016: 15 Excellent Elearning Examples To Inspire Your Next Project

Here’s a list of our favorite 15 elearning examples from our friends at Elearning Superstars. The Open University: Finding The Truth Why we like it: Uses […]

“5 Steps To Risk Assessment” Is A Microlearning Topic That Delivers Deep Learning Through Short, Personalized Content

One of the best ways to support your learners – before, during or after training – is with an effective job aid. 5 Steps to […]

Translation Is Easy: C’est Facile, On Lihtne!

We get that many customers need their learning content in multiple languages. But we also get that content changes and needs updating over time. Multi-version […]

Elucidat Releases “Analytics” To Help You Capture Detailed Information About Your Learners

This month the Elucidat team has been beavering away on some more game-changing features! We’re extra ecstatic to introduce our new Analytics feature! Elucidat’s Analytics […]

5 Tips To Make Microlearning Really Deliver

The shift from “courses to resources” has been a hot topic for more than ten years. Many learning designers chop up their content. But is […]