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Elucidat is e-learning authoring software that solves the challenges that high volume, high performance e-learning authoring teams experience when using desktop-based authoring software built for individuals. We are dedicated to improving the lives of high performance e-learning teams by making software that ensures the process of authoring, publishing and maintaining e-learning is as easy and pain free as possible.

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Elearning inspiration: On-the-job learning

This five-minute, mobile friendly resource is a great example of on-the-job performance support – just enough and just in time. Discover what we think makes […]

How do you like your elearning? Dead or Alive? [Webinar]

What do you want your digital learning to be? Something that listens and responds to audiences’ needs, uses data smartly to personalize content, and pushes […]

Introducing the 5C Framework: The smart way to design elearning

Introducing our 5C Framework – essential steps for digital learning success. We’ve paired our experience in supporting over 2 million learners with the expertise of […]

If instructional design is dead, what fills the void?

If you haven’t heard, “Instructional design is dead.” At least, that’s what some industry leaders have been saying over the last few years. Obviously, the […]

Enhanced Asset Library: Produce consistent, on-brand elearning with remote authoring teams

Our new Enhanced Asset Library enables you to sort, label, and manage assets across projects from a single global library. Read on to learn how […]

5 personalization strategies we use to make leadership training stick

In a fast-paced business world where change is the norm, many organizations are thinking ahead to their next generation of leaders. Our Delegation Skills demo […]

Delegation Skills demo: Excellent example of a personalized learning experience

Elucidat’s bite-sized Delegation Skills demo provides a personalized learning experience for new managers, bringing together personal reflection with targeted action plans. Taken alone or as […]

How to create amazing, reusable bespoke layouts in Elucidat

Missed our fantastic webinar on Creating Scrolling Content? Or simply want to brush up on all those great techniques that enable you to make stunning […]

7 questions to ask before you touch your authoring tool, or your content

Great digital learning helps close real gaps for your audience. For example, a succinct on the job performance aid that helps overcome a problem there […]

Elearning Inspiration: Atlassian’s Time Wasting At Work

“Just because you’re at work, doesn’t mean you’re actually getting work done.” Atlassian (the company behind Jira and Trello), has developed an infographic that answers […]

Pre-boarding employees: How to boost new hires’ confidence, speed and competence

The first week in a new job is when 33% of new employees decide whether to stay or go. Ensuring new hires feel welcomed, effective […]

Sharing a leaf from our sketchbooks: How and why the Elucidat design team starts with design concepts

Ready to discover inside tips for how to create great digital learning concepts by taking a leaf, quite literally, out of our in-house design experts’ […]