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NEW Mobile ready IATP audited Asbestos Awareness course

Asbestos Asbestos is so dangerous that there is no safe minimum threshold for exposure to it and yet it’s prevalent in commercial and domestic buildings […]

Red Faced Book

The internet and social media open a powerful window on your organisation – when it’s used for good.

Our latest ROSPA accredited courses

We’ve added three new accredited courses to our compliance Health and Safety library. Asbestos Awareness

Customised compliance training for international drugs company

One of our library customers needed both Data Protection Act (DPA) and Bribery compliance training in a hurry. They also needed them to be customised […]

In the Top 10 but could do better!

The UK has rejoined the top 10 of 168 countries in Transparency International’s (TI) Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) from a woeful 20th in 2010. This […]

How do you engage users in compliance training?

For any of you that wanted the slides from our PowerPoint presentation at Learning Technologies 2016 last week, follow this link to take a look yourself. 

What is multi-device learning?

Multi-device learning Multi-device learning refers to the delivery of a single piece of learning across a wide range of device types, from a desktop computer […]

Designing multi-device learning

Designing process for multi-device learning When you start to design multi-device learning solutions, it makes sense to first take a look at what already works well on […]

Behavioural economics or why is there a fly in my urinal?

Why did Schiphol airport engrave images of a fly in their urinals?

Post Brexit Anxiety

Organisations up and down the country are finding themselves in a period of uncertainty.  Brexit is coming, but when, how and what exactly is that […]

If you build it, they will come?

eBook - 12 tips for improving eLearning uptake

Attending the Learning Technologies Forum is worth its weight in gold stars

  There’s something quite liberating about entering the Learning Technologies Summer Forum as a newbie to the industry! Literally, the second day into my new […]