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Back from the DEAD

More than a week ago I made an attempt to upgrade the online TEFL course. Little did I know that attempt was the beginning of […]

How To Get A Short Term Job Teaching Abroad

How do you find a short term job teaching English abroad? If you didn't know most jobs require you to sign a contract for a […]

Where do you teach now & how do you like it?

Where do you currently teach? How did you get the job? How do you like it? Do you have any advice for someone trying to […]

You might want to fly there 1st to get a job teaching abroad

Have you ever wondered if you should fly there and look for a job teaching abroad or if you should find one online from home? […]

How I almost saved $18,000 teaching in Korea, but failed

I had spent 2 years teaching English in Taiwan. I was back home with my parents for 6 months or so and planning my next […]

TEFL: Who's Selling To You? Do you know?

  TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is big business and a lot of people are making money working in some part of this field. Here […]

Are Asian Girls Easy?

This is a blog about teaching English in Asia, so I want to be clear about whom this title refers to. When I say "Asian girls" […]

Comprehensive TEFL Course FAQ

I came up with this FAQ on TEFL courses and TESOL/CELTA certification, by searching Google. They have been divided into these categories. General questions about […]

TEFL Deals Are On Groupon, But I Won't Contribute

If you are looking for a deal or a discount on an online TEFL course then the place to buy one is on Groupon. I […]

Headed to China? An Online TEFL Course That You'll Probably Like

Hopefully the online TEFL course you take will broaden your horizons and get you one step closer to what you want - teaching English in […]

Does teaching English abroad look good on your resume?

I have seen people asking these questions on forums if teaching English abroad is good for your resume or not. I guess it depends on how […]

Teaching English Abroad Is Probably A Good Idea

Considering all of the ideas that you could have... I think teaching abroad might be a great idea. But I guess it depends. What made […]