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Scared of teaching in Korea? Teaching abroad in Korea can be scary. If you started your research you have probably come across some real horror […]

Why I Started ESLinsider

It all started in 2009. I was living in a love hotel in Seomyeon, Busan, Korea.  It was the only place that I ever lived […]

Benefits (Not Cons) Of Teaching English In A Hagwon In Korea

Teaching English in a hagwon in Korea can be a good experience. If you have begun your research into teaching in a hagwon or in […]

How My Experience Teaching English Abroad Changed Me

I taught English and lived in Taichung and Tainan, Taiwan from 2004-2006. In late 2007 I went to Busan, Korea until 2011. I went to […]

Confused? Clarity On "Legitimate" Online TEFL Courses

Searching for a legitimate online TEFL course? Are you overwhelmed by all the options? Are you afraid of getting scammed? Well, this post will give […]

You probably don't want to buy this online TEFL course

You probably don't want to take one of ESLinsider's courses for the following reasons. 1. It's not really an "official" course "Official" in the sense of […]

"Internationally Recognized" TEFL certification Means NOTHING

Are you looking for a TEFL course with "internationally recognized" certification? If so what does that mean to you?  I am going to assume that […]

10 Uses For Your TEFL Certificate You Probably Never Thought Of

Have you ever wondered how you could possibly use your TEFL certificate? Most people only think of using it as something to show to an […]

How I made this website faster for you

About 2 weeks ago I sarted on my mission to make this website load faster for you. It actually had o.k. pagespeed to begin […]

What's the best online TEFL course?

What's the best online TEFL course? I found this question on Quora called, "What's the best online TEFL certification program?" And I thought I would […]

How many TEFL course hours do I need? Are they accurate?

How many hours does a TEFL course need to be? And what do these hours mean? You may be pulling your hair out thinking... "Should […]

Back from the DEAD

More than a week ago I made an attempt to upgrade the online TEFL course. Little did I know that attempt was the beginning of […]