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Thank You Dr. Pepper, Thank You Dr. Seuss: A Graduate's Appreciation [VIDEO]

During a recent graduate recognition ceremony, Dr. Ryan G. Loucks, Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership, thanked his family and faculty for their support during his arduous […]

Today's Terrific Teaching Tip: Post Discussion Forum Grades Early!

Tip: Grade full-point discussion forums early. In Today's Terrific Teaching Tip series, full-time faculty offer experience-proven tips about what works in their learning environment. According […]

A Story Worth Giving Away

The doctor said, 'Mr. Snider, we are going to need to admit you into the hospital.  You have a tumor around your left kidney and […]

The Toolbox: Capture the Power, Get to the Point [VIDEO]

PowerPoint is a commonly used teaching tool in higher education. Think back to your last professional conference, for example. You probably chose a session based […]

20-Minute Mentor Commons: How Do I Use Controversial Issues to Build Cognitive Skills In My Students? [VIDEO]

Learn how to use difficult discussions to improve students’ ability to reason—and help them function as respectful members of a civil society." This month's featured […]

Teaching Portrait: Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, College Professor and Civil War Hero

This week, as we celebrate our nation's 241st birthday, it seems appropriate to profile a uniquely distinct teacher--Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain--who taught rhetoric in the classrooms […]

This One Goes Out to the Ones Left Behind

They have names, ID numbers, and university email addresses.  Many of them engage with the curriculum on the first day of the course.  Some start […]

20-Minute Mentor Commons: How Can I Teach Routine Courses with Energy and Enthusiasm? [VIDEO]

How we maintain that instructional vitality? How we are energetic? How we are present every time that we teach the course? We need to be […]

The Toolbox: The Power of Critical Reflection [VIDEO]

Imagine the last day of class in a senior seminar course.  While packing to leave, a student observes, "I really enjoyed all of the reflection […]

RB Kuhn Stories: Never Give Up (Steve's Story) [VIDEO]

Overwhelmed, but determined.  Cannot keep up.  Must keep family together.  So tired, fell asleep on the stairs.  A professor offers encouragement... Like a fresh cup […]

FacultyCare Subscriber Drive Contest: Awards Giveaway [VIDEO]

Last fall, FacultyCare launched a subscriber drive with the goal of growing to 500 subscribers.  That goal is now in the rearview mirror, but we […]

20-Minute Mentor Commons: How Does Grit Team With a Growth Mindset to Cultivate Lifelong Learning? [VIDEO]

Group mindset is consistent with the belief that effort improves results. When students believe, I can work harder and it will make a difference, that […]