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Keith's Quick Quotes: 10 Principles of Effective Online Teaching - Part 1 [VIDEO]

Principle #1 - Show up and teach.  Watch this two-part video screencast to learn about showing up and nine more principles of effective online teaching. […]

Adjunct Faculty Expectations: Online Course Activity [VIDEO]

A top-notch education for adult learners at Indiana Wesleyan University expects online adjunct faculty to provide: a complete faculty profile, helpful contact information, a warm […]

Setting the Table: Tools and Strategies Part 2 [VIDEO]

The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in the same mind at the same time, and still retain […]

20-Minute Mentor Commons: How Can I Develop Online Instructor Presence? [VIDEO] WT

Determine what your teaching persona is. Determine which elements you'd like to share with your class. Then create a strategy for regularly expressing those aspects […]

Keith's Quick Quotes: Grade Inflation and Job Performance [VIDEO]

According to the most comprehensive analysis ever of grade inflation in higher education in the United States, nowadays even the most average students are likely […]

RB Kuhn Stories: In the Lord's Hands (Mary's Story) [VIDEO]

When trying to help a student, sometimes all we can do is listen, pray and leave the burden in the Lord's hands. Like a fresh […]

The Toolbox: Fostering an Inclusive and Welcoming Classroom Environment [VIDEO]

Students need to feel safe, valued, and respected to maximize their learning potential.  They need to feel a sense of belonging in the classroom and […]

Setting the Table: Tools and Strategies Part 1 [VIDEO]

For an instructor, group work means relinquishing a portion of control in the learning environment.  How can that be best accomplished? Setting the Table is […]

Educating the Heart

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." - Aristotle What does it mean to educate the heart, and why does […]

20-Minute Mentor Commons: How Do I Release My Students' Natural Zest and Curiosity for Better Learning? [VIDEO]

Zest. Teacher-sparked interest arousing student curiosity.  Irrelevance and boredom reversed; retention and student learning increased. This month's featured video from the 20-Minute Mentor Commons, "How […]

Setting the Table: Technology [VIDEO]

Using technology as an effective teaching tool requires: designing PowerPoint slides that enhance a presentation and embedding videos in a course that engage students. Setting […]

RB Kuhn Stories: Counseling Makes a Difference (Sue's Story) [VIDEO]

I need some advice." Difficult to discern words from a student to a teacher.  A complicated story unfolds, resulting in help from a surprising resource. […]