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Education Technology is Building the Next Generation of Artists

Creativity is only enhanced by education technology   Even in 2017, creative pursuits like music and the fine arts are shrouded in myth and mystery. […]

Types of fees collection in Fedena

“Go paperless”   Without the funds, an institution cannot run which makes it that much important to keep focused resources while collecting fees and funds. […]

Why Fedena is the best choice for your institution?

“The time-consuming and laborious process keeps you behind the competition”.   In this ever-progressing time, online technology is becoming a part of every industry to […]

Project Sampoorna – The School Management System Every Indian Student Deserves

Proven results in scale and effectiveness for our nation     In 2011, the Government of Kerala took on the ambitious challenge of better serving […]

Four Unexpected Education Technology Tools That Will Transform Your Classroom

These education technology tools were under your nose all along     Education technology is growing by leaps and bounds, supported by an immense amount […]

Bettering Your School’s Data Protection

As a school, data protection is a major part of keeping your children and family safe; protecting their information. You have to ensure that you […]

Deimos : Fedena 3.5.5 Release Notes

What’s new in Fedena Here is the list of new features included with this release of Fedena 3.5.5 Feature Description User Role Module New internal […]

Deimos : Fedena 3.5.5

Fedena 3.5.5 codenamed Deimos is a small but important update before the mobile app release. The major change is a new messaging system within Fedena […]

3 Education Technology Products Built in Developing Nations

Ensuring access to education technology despite economic constraints.   We have ​previously discussed​ how education technology is a vital ingredient when it comes to greater […]

Fedena meets the communication system at its high!

  “It is not about the technology; it’s about sharing knowledge and information, communicating efficiently, building learning communities and creating a culture of professionalism in […]

The 7 Challenges All Email Marketers Will Face

Often as a reseller or a partner, it becomes a very difficult task to reach out to the right audience in the education market. Marketers […]

A Report Card Built For Parents

Better design can result in more comprehensive report cards       For your average parent, the report card is the first and oftentimes only […]