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Winning Over Exam Stress

Learning technology can help make your exams go by better     Exam season is in full swing as evidenced by the thrum of nervous […]

Styx : Fedena 3.5.3 Release Notes

  What’s new in Fedena   Here is the list of new features included with this release of Fedena 3.5.3     Feature Description User […]

Styx : Fedena 3.5.3

Fedena 3.5.3 is live for our users around the world. This release comes with a new mode to calculate Loss of Pay in HR, Timetable […]

How Smart Schools Can Help Increase Inclusion

Classroom technology gives a voice to the ignored     A recent piece by Christina Thomas Dhanraj has reinvigorated the conversation around diversity in the […]

The Missing Link: Building & Nurturing Teacher-Parent Relationships

Join forces with classroom technology to empower your student     Indian parents tend to view education as their child’s job. This makes sense – […]

Opening up the power of the HR Module in Fedena

How to stop worrying and start managing your Payroll like a Pro   Hint : Use Fedena!   The value a school ERP provides for […]

7 Life saving tips for your Fedena account

Every school ERP implementation boils down to the same old thing- “The correctness of the data”. The more concise the data in the ERP the […]

Worried About Artificial Intelligence Replacing You?

Personalised technology in the classroom will ensure you come out on top   Some of you might be intimately familiar with the terrifying experience of […]

The Fedena Audit Plugin : Your secret to success

The tracking of every activity in schools or institutions is not an easy task especially when it’s done manually. All activities that are associated with […]

Classroom Technologies Enable Better Testing

Smart schools help minimise disruption caused by the new CBSE assessment structure     Last week, the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) announced a […]

Fedena 3.5.3 : Styx – What to expect from your favorite school management system

Just like how restrictions are important for creativity, hurdles are important in giving us directions in where to go and what to jump over.   […]

India Budget 2017: Smart Schools are The Way of the Future

Leveraging technology in the classroom will enable scaling up     Budget announcements for 2017 have been dominating the headlines for the last week or […]