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Calculating data correlation

  Are you often asked to study and find trends in data? When two quantities are highly correlated the value of one tells you a […]

Constructing a logical argument

  Do you often present business cases in your role? How confident are you when arguing your case? There are two main ways of constructing […]

Body language for active listening

Do you often find it hard to understand the messages your colleagues are trying to convey? Perhaps you're not being fully attentive? An active listener […]

Protect your spreadsheet

Do you create and collaborate on spreadsheets with your colleagues? Want to ensure your workbooks retain all of the correct data and formulae? The most […]

Planning & estimating requirements

Are you involved in analysing systems and processes at work? When looking to improve the way your business functions it's important to first make a […]

The Principles of slide design

Do you regularly present to your team or prospective clients? Creating a slideshow in PowerPoint that's truly engaging isn't straightforward. At Filtered, we've come up […]

Three special charts for analysing data

  Do you often have to present the findings of your analysis to colleagues or senior management? Choosing the most appropriate graph can be tough […]

‘To Diagnose or Autopsy’: Review of Lori Niles-Hofmann’s Data-Driven Learning Design

Lori Niles-Hofmann begins her new ebook, Data-Driven Learning Design, with what I think may well just be my favourite metaphor for traditional learning & development […]

Solve modern workplace challenges with Office 365

Have you considered moving to the cloud? Did you know that Office 365 could revolutionise the way you interact and work with your peers?

Three tips to summarise your writing

Do you often find it hard to pen short concise documents? Being able to summarise your work is an essential skill to make your writing […]

Use visual mapping to find new solutions

When solving a problem what approach do you take? Some issues can be overwhelming, but if you break them down you'll often find a solution. […]

The advantages of the cloud

The modern working environment is changing and the tools we use have adapted to modern challenges. Our organisations have become global and complex. Our colleagues […]