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Safety Management Categories: Profanity & Hate Speech

With this Gaggle Speaks post, we’re launching a new series specifically about our Safety Management categories. When Safety Representatives discover inappropriate content in student communications […]

How Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Foster Digital Citizenship & Safety

Did you notice any peculiar trends on Instagram recently? In efforts to foster a safer, kinder community, tens of thousands of Instagrammers came together a […]

Digital Life After School: Graduation for G Suite

As part of a G Suite for Education release earlier this year, Google introduced Graduation for G Suite, an easy way for students to migrate content […]

Social Network Spotlight: Swarm

Swarm is a geo-location, social-gaming application that allows users to “check in” at specific locations and share with their social network. A companion app to […]

Saving Students’ Lives: All Part of a Day’s Work

It takes a special person to work on our Safety Management Team. These former educators and members of law enforcement, who also have backgrounds in […]

Using Facebook Stories in the Classroom

As the adage goes, “the only permanent thing in the universe is impermanence.” This is certainly true of the Stories feature on social media—made popular […]

Why Network Security Doesn’t Keep Students Safe

Sometimes, educators will mistake us as a network security provider. The misunderstanding makes sense. When K12 schools and districts think of focusing on student safety, […]

How to Address Cyberbullying with Digital Citizenship and Gaggle

The importance of protecting students from harmful situations, especially cyberbullying in schools, was the theme of last week’s Gaggle webcast, “Cyberbullying in Your School: What You […]

What You Need to Know About Adding Personal Accounts to Google Classroom

Last week, Google announced that users will have the ability to access Google Classroom from personal accounts, as well as from accounts on entirely separate […]

The Problem with Free Email Archiving

While I want to spend some time talking about a handful of issues associated with free email archiving solutions, what they all have in common […]

How Students’ Use of G Suite for Education Can Be a Real Eye-Opener

There’s no denying the value of teaching lessons on digital citizenship. In fact, teaching soft skills, such as digital citizenship, empathy, communication and self-awareness is […]

The Impact Bullying Has on Absenteeism

Most schools and districts focus their anti-bullying efforts on students in grades 6-12. A recent study on chronic absenteeism and bullying by the John Hopkins […]