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Education and Brains: Getting the Most from Today’s EdTech

One of my recent posts,“Don’t Be a Luddite, Technology is Here to Stay,” made the point that educational technology is not as unnatural as it […]

5 Podcasts Every Educator Should Have on Their Playlist

Listening to podcasts is just one way to follow the technological shift happening in education. Podcasts provide an opportunity to hear about innovative teaching practices […]

Why Accessibility and Support are Important to Your K12 Archiving Solution

I’m amazed at how rarely accessibility and support are asked about when I talk to schools and districts interested in a K12 archiving solution. These […]

Keeping Students Safe Online: Stop Being Scared and Be Prepared

Some of the most inventive achievements of human beings throughout history are attempts to prevent or curb the many threats we face. The concept of […]

7 EdTech Events to Attend In-Person in 2017

While you can stay on top of most everything going on in edtech by reading blogs, listening to podcasts and following social media, sometimes you […]

Top 10 Gaggle Speaks Blog Posts from 2016

The most popular Gaggle Speaks blog posts this past year featured a wide range of edtech topics, including Pokémon Go, G Suite for Education, social […]

How to Migrate Your Student or Staff Email to a New Provider

Moving your student or staff email from one provider to another is inevitable. For example, you might be switching from Office 365 to G Suite (Google […]

Why a Free CMS Isn’t Ideal for School & District Websites

From time to time, we get asked, “Why should I pay for school and district websites when I can build them myself for free?” It’s […]

Student Online Safety: A Son (and Mom’s) Perspective

Posted on December 7, 2016 by Curran Dee and Marialice B.F.X. Curran, Ph.D. Our story as a mother-son digital citizenship team began long before we created […]

How One School District Stays Ahead of the Safety Curve

As a school district leader, the safety of your students is a top priority. So when you attend a national conference that focuses on solving […]

Don’t Be a Luddite, Technology is Here to Stay

Around 1812 to 1816, industrialization was in full effect and had an enormous impact on Northwestern England. Textile factories, which predominantly manufactured fabrics and clothes, […]

Why a Bullying Hotline Isn’t Enough

Some schools and districts are now providing students and parents with an anonymous method on their websites to report bullying incidents. This represents one of […]