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6 EdTech Tools for the Future Classroom

While we can’t predict what the future holds for EdTech tools, we can make educated guesses as to which resources will see success in years […]

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Archive Your Own School & District Email

While some school districts archive their email to check a box and be compliant, others understand what can happen when they get an Open Records […]

Keeping Humans and Machines in the Loop

In an earlier post from my colleague Derek Jedamski, we described the basic workflow of how we put machine learning to use to make online […]

When Did the “Sex Talk” Change to the “Tech Talk”?

Do you remember when “the birds and the bees” were first explained to you? Sex education still might be one of the most intensely uncomfortable […]

8 Top Cyberbullying Resources

There are so many cyberbullying resources available today that you might have a difficult time discerning where to begin or turn to next. We’ve compiled […]

How Junction ISD Keeps Students Safe When Using G Suite for Education

Moderating students’ use of G Suite for Education and keeping them safe is no easy task. An ever-increasing number of educators are experiencing this first-hand, including Kaycie […]

Teaching More Thinking Over Production

K-12 curriculum is largely focused on content-driven teaching and learning. By being “content-driven,” I mean, for example, focusing on a student’s ability to solve algebraic […]

Can You Use Your Email Archive as an Email Backup Solution?

I previously wrote a post on the most important archiving features for K12 schools and districts. A colleague quickly pointed out another, often overlooked, feature […]

Understanding Law Enforcement’s Role in Student Online Safety

Student safety shouldn’t just be the responsibility of one person inside a school or district. Ongoing conversations should take place between technology teams, administration, faculty […]

Why a Web Filter Isn’t Enough To Keep Your Students Safe

When superintendents, technologists and other educators first hear about Gaggle, they sometimes confuse what we offer with a web filter. From our point of view, […]

Education and Brains: Getting the Most from Today’s EdTech

One of my recent posts,“Don’t Be a Luddite, Technology is Here to Stay,” made the point that educational technology is not as unnatural as it […]

5 Podcasts Every Educator Should Have on Their Playlist

Listening to podcasts is just one way to follow the technological shift happening in education. Podcasts provide an opportunity to hear about innovative teaching practices […]