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The Problem with Free Email Archiving

While I want to spend some time talking about a handful of issues associated with free email archiving solutions, what they all have in common […]

How Students’ Use of G Suite for Education Can Be a Real Eye-Opener

There’s no denying the value of teaching lessons on digital citizenship. In fact, teaching soft skills, such as digital citizenship, empathy, communication and self-awareness is […]

The Impact Bullying Has on Absenteeism

Most schools and districts focus their anti-bullying efforts on students in grades 6-12. A recent study on chronic absenteeism and bullying by the John Hopkins […]

How to Avoid Fake News Sources When Using G Suite

There has been no want of emotion or zeal in America the past few months. Despite all of the moral and political issues that divide […]

Understanding How to Keep Students Safe With Digital Citizenship and Technology

If we’re honest, most edtech companies focus on acquiring larger schools and districts with a great breadth of influence. It’s not unusual for smaller schools […]

New Cyberbullying Resource Available for Educators, Parents and Students

Whether we’re talking with superintendents, technology directors, police chiefs, parents or even students, a common theme is the need for a cyberbullying resource to understand […]

Why Do We Need to Learn This? A Holistic Approach to Education

When am I ever going to use it? Why do we need to learn this? These tiresome questions have bothered educators for years, especially teachers […]

6 EdTech Tools for the Future Classroom

While we can’t predict what the future holds for EdTech tools, we can make educated guesses as to which resources will see success in years […]

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Archive Your Own School & District Email

While some school districts archive their email to check a box and be compliant, others understand what can happen when they get an Open Records […]

Keeping Humans and Machines in the Loop

In an earlier post from my colleague Derek Jedamski, we described the basic workflow of how we put machine learning to use to make online […]

When Did the “Sex Talk” Change to the “Tech Talk”?

Do you remember when “the birds and the bees” were first explained to you? Sex education still might be one of the most intensely uncomfortable […]

8 Top Cyberbullying Resources

There are so many cyberbullying resources available today that you might have a difficult time discerning where to begin or turn to next. We’ve compiled […]