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Game and Train is a mobile application currently in development, that will deliver learning to employee's via their smartphones. The convenience of being able to train anywhere at anytime while enhancing engagement is our goal. Our company has teamed up with a PhD professor from Ryerson University, David Chandross who lives and breathes game design and gamification. David showers us with knowledge in the field of gamification while also providing us thought provoking articles that we publish on our blog. Our site is for anyone who is interested in learning how to implement gamified learning solutions correctly and also showcases how we're different than all the other companies trying to create game based solutions for training.

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Beyond Gamification – Emerging Learning and Development Models: Part One

Microlearning with Intrinsic Reward Matrices: The Integration of Real Time Analytics, Just-in-Time Learning and High Intrinsic Motivation In this next series of 10 blog posts […]

On Gamification and Terminology

Toward the End of Gamification and the Birth of Positive Psychology Systems In my last post I argued that gamification, as we knew it, is […]

Motivation: Part Two

Gamification of Management An Invitation to Heiho (Tactics) The Japanese term “Heiho” means a couple of different things, depending upon its context of use. It […]

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Intrinsic Motivation: A Tough Question Some major studies have been done on the value of intrinsic motivation and much of the gamification hype is around […]

How to Gamify Your Business to Energize and Engage Your Staff

The concept of gamification has taken over hiring, education, and even Harvard’s library. It works because it’s engaging and fun. Society has adapted to the […]

Holistic Gamification: Part Four

Using Gamification and Fantasy for Personal Completion In this holiday blog post we are going to follow up on our series on holistic gamification and […]

Competition in Games

Changing the Face of Business Through Cooperation The best gamification designers and experts I know do not Tweet, nor do they blog, nor do they […]

Global Education Gamification Market to Grow at a CAGR of 66.22%

Analysts from Research and Markets, a Dublin-based market research firm, forecast the global education gamification market to grow at a CAGR of 66.22% during the period 2016-2020. Their […]

Holistic Gamification: Part Three

Homo Deus, Machine Mind and Humanity This blog is sponsored by Game and Train and our primary purpose here is to disseminate new information about […]

Holistic Gamification: Part One

In this post we are going to discuss the origins of Game and Train and how we see ourselves in the gamification sphere. If we […]

Holistic Gamification: Part Two

Social Connectedness As part of Age Well, Canada’s technology in aging network, much thought is being given to the role of loneliness in not only […]

Game Performance: Part Three

Knowledge Structuring and Problem Solving In this last post in our series on game performance, let us look at precisely what gamified training is doing […]