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What to Check When Choosing LMS - Checklist

Every now and then, every eLearning professional is faced with the need to choose which LMS to use. Remembering all the aspects one has to […]

Top 6 eLearning Trends for 2017

Every year technological progress accelerates its pace, it is impossible to explore and try all innovative things and ideas by yourself. In this situation one […]

Building Engaging Online Courses and Motivating Your Learners

An unfortunate fact of life: watching and listening for an extended period of time is hard. We get distracted or grow bored. This is simply […]

Training Technical Support with the Help of eLearning

Pick a company, any company. You can be certain of one thing: there is probably a department suffering from a high turnover rate, and it […]

5 Reasons Why Creating Online Courses Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Whether they’re used to train or recruit employees or sold to earn money, the number of available online courses is growing by the minute. It […]

How to Create E-Learning Course

I will let you in on a little secret: building online courses is simpler than you think. It doesn't matter if the words “E-Learning" and […]

E-Learning - Frequently Asked Questions

Over the last few decades, E-Learning has become a bona fide industry with its own ecosystem of vendors, software and methodologies. New concepts have sprang […]

Geenio Double Win 2017 for LMS Software

Here at Geenio, this year’s spring could not have begun any better. Of course, feeling the first warm sunbeams touch our faces brings us as […]

Geenio Update - Question Pools and Advanced Statistics

Reusing existing elements can save an E-Learning professional a lot of time and effort. If you are building online courses on a regular basis, the […]

Geenio Update - Messages and Communication

The desire to communicate is something every creature on the planet has in common. Humans went one step further and invented words and languages. Talking […]

Getting started with E-Learning in a Small Organization

Every successful company passes through a number of stages as it matures: think of a bright idea that helps people and makes their life easier, […]

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing a Learning Management System

Choosing the right learning management system (LMS) is something every E-learning professional needs to do at some point. Which is not really surprising, seeing as […]