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We love helping training providers! Our training tips our prepared by certified teachers and training professionals and cover topics like class room management, learning styles, how to perform evaluations, and develop a curriculum!

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Marketing 101 for Training Companies

Starting a marketing operation can often feel daunting for any training company. It’s easy to see why. Everyone has cursed as pizza menus flood through […]

Email Marketing Checklist for Training Companies

Want to send better emails that drive revenue, and raise your profile? Download our checklist, and make sure you’ve got everything covered. The post Email […]

How to Stay Organised and Save Time with Course Templates

A few weeks ago, we shared with you all the different ways you could use Administrate’s resource management features to stay organised and save time. […]

How Training Companies Can Increase Their Business and See Their Profits Rise by Using a Training Management Platform

The way humans use tools and make meaning out of them is what helps us evolve. Clever tool use aids our survival and separates us […]

Selling Training as a Subscription

A few weeks ago we spoke about what SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) was and why it mattered to training companies, but we also recognise that we have […]

Starting a Training Company In Your Organisation

Congratulations! Your internal training is so good, that there’s an opportunity to turn it into a revenue stream. It’s time to form a training company! […]

Training Company Business Plan Checklist

Ready to start a training company inside your organisation? Download our checklist, and make sure you’re ready for launch. The post Training Company Business Plan […]

Guest Post: 10 LMS Features That eLearning Companies Should Look For

What key features does your new Learning Management System need to be worth the investment? In this article, I’ll share 10 essential traits that eLearning […]

More of Our Customers’ Favourite Features

Back in February, we spoke to a couple of Administrate customers to ask them what their favourite features of Administrate were, and now we’re back […]

The 7 Best Ways to Collect Feedback on Your Training Company

Want to know the best ways to collect feedback on your training company? We’ve spoken a lot about surveys and reviews, but now we have […]

Using Customer Feedback to Improve Your Sales

In the past we’ve talked about how important customer feedback is, and how you can use it when measuring your training offering for internal purposes. […]

Guest Post – Successful Learning Management System Implementation eBook

We’re excited to announce that Administrate CEO, John Peebles, has been included in eLearning Industry’s latest free eBook – Successful Learning Management System Implementation. This eBook […]