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We love helping training providers! Our training tips our prepared by certified teachers and training professionals and cover topics like class room management, learning styles, how to perform evaluations, and develop a curriculum!

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Our SurveyMonkey Integration is Now Live!

In December we announced that we were running a trial for our SurveyMonkey integration. We’re happy to announce that the trial period is now complete […]

Crucial Data to Have at Your Fingertips – Training Company Edition

Reporting is really important for training companies, and a huge part of reporting is making sure you have the right data available so you can […]

Administrate Employee Perks & Benefits

We love our staff at Administrate, and we show that love by giving them lots of lovely perks and benefits! If you’re interested in working […]

How To Attract Predictable Training Revenue

To be successful in the training and learning industry, it’s important that we don’t stop developing. Whether that’s our product, our minds, or our values, […]

eBook – Sell The Dream

Revolutionise your sales process and generate predictable revenue with our easy to follow eBook! The post eBook – Sell The Dream appeared first on Administrate.

How to Integrate Xero with Administrate

The post How to Integrate Xero with Administrate appeared first on Administrate.

Keeping the Edge: 3 Ways to Bring More Value to Your Customers Today

Last month, we wrote a blog on how to keep the edge in your industry by thinking differently about your business. Today we share some […]

Xero Administrate Integration Goes Live on the Xero Marketplace

Last year we launched the trial phase for our Xero Integration. During this phase we have made both technical and user experience improvements, based on […]

8 Figures A Training Company Must Know

Running a training company is hard work. There’s no shortage of moving parts to keep track of – learners, instructors, venues, enquiries, content creation…the list […]

eBook – The Money Saving Guide

Looking to save a little money in your business? Download our Money Saving Guide! It’s filled with great and easy to follow advice, guaranteed to keep your bottom […]

Free eBook – Best of the Blog 2016: Training Providers

You may have heard us say this a lot, but here at Administrate, we are all about training providers! Our Training Management System is designed […]

eBook – Best of the Blog 2016: Training Providers

We covered a lot of different topics on our blog in 2016, but for our latest eBook we’ve decided to focus on the posts we […]