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GLAD Solutions are experts in bespoke elearning. Covering a wide range of subjects, we write articles on how to create elearning that gets the most out of learners. And we write about LMS solutions too, including Cornerstone and Cognito365.

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Putting Together an Elearning Course: The Benefits of Using Questions

So, you’re thinking about using an elearning programme for your employees? Here at GLAD, we create bespoke elearning courses to fit your organisation’s needs and […]

Five Tips for Choosing Fonts for Elearning

Explore behind the drop down menu on any of the big name content creation applications and you’ll find hundreds of fonts in all shapes and […]

Top Tips for Working with SMEs

There have been some great partnerships over the years: Bing Crosby and Bob Hope; Morecambe and Wise; Bert and Ernie. When you’re working with SMEs, […]

We’ve Moved!

Monday (20th February 2017) marked our move to our new offices in Crawley, West Sussex. The weekend was full of the usual stresses of lifting, […]

Preventing Mental Block For Our Learners

We all learn at different speeds. The human brain can only absorb so much information at one time. Once the mind shuts down, it’s difficult […]

Why Should Companies Switch to Elearning for Employee Training?

The challenge for companies in a rapidly changing economic environment is to ensure that their employees are equipped with core competences and specific technical skills, […]

How Elearning Has Changed Education Forever

It’s not hyperbolic to claim that elearning is rapidly changing the way that we learn. Traditional learning environments will always have an important part to […]

The Benefits of an Induction Elearning and Training Programme

Effective employees are an organisation’s most valuable asset. It is essential to ensure that your organisation has the resources and infrastructure to help new employees […]

Cornerstone Evaluations and the Kirkpatrick Model

In Cornerstone, evaluations help review and measure the impact and return on investment you achieve from your training spend. What you might not be aware […]

7 Compliance training ideas to keep employees engaged

Before you start yawning at the mere thought of your recurrent compliance training, I’d like to borrow a couple of minutes of your time to […]

Financial Compliance Training: Delivering Results

In a rapidly expanding financial sector, change is always around the corner. Being an organisation that can adapt and roll with the punches is crucial […]

13 Must-Read Elearning Books

Whether you prefer a physical paper book, or you’re wild about ebook readers, such as Amazon Kindle, reading books is a great way to learn! […]