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What’s in The GO1 May Update

2017 is flying by and as we enter May, our team have just completed a series of updates to the GO1 platform to improve your […]

How to Get Maximum Engagement Out of Your eLearning Course

eLearning courses cannot be pieced together over night. They should be drafted, re-drafted, crafted and planned if they’re to be successful and engaging for students […]

How to Encourage Social Learning Through eLearning

Humans tend to be social creatures. In general, we like to form connections, share ideas and interact with other people – particularly in the workplace. […]

Assessments Made Easy With The GO1 Quiz Builder

You’ve just finished putting together a great new course and want to test out the knowledge of your learner to see how much of the […]

How to Handle Complaints at Work

In today’s workforce, it’s important to know how to handle complaints. You may think this is only relevant to people working in the hospitality or […]

Find the Best Stock Photos for Your eLearning Course

Looking for high quality stock photos for your eLearning course? Putting together an online course can be a lot of fun, especially if you’ve followed […]

Customer Loyalty: How to turn your customers into fans

Considering the fact that the average customer loyalty rate is only 5%, it takes little imagination to see the incredible benefits to a business if […]

Tap into technology to motivate more workplace learning

Technology is pervasive. Whether we’re checking our phones, or getting our updates from TV news, we’re constantly connected. It’s incredible to think that even radio […]

Include In-Person Training with Your Online Courses

Keeping track of your training programs can be tough work, especially if you have a mix of in-person workshops and programs combined with an online […]

Why Social Media Awareness Matters

It’s official – social media is everywhere, with the majority of people in the United States using it. If we’re not liking a Facebook update […]

Using Online Learning for Customer Onboarding

Onboarding is an incredibly important task to ensure that customers are retained. Without onboarding, a customer may feel adrift in their new service, not knowing […]

Improve Your Emotional Intelligence and Boost Your Career

If you’ve read our previous article on the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace, you’ll know that the statistics speak for themselves when it […]