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The GO1 Mid June Update

Following on from our June update we have just completed another round of updates to the GO1 Platform to improve the way that you learn. […]

How to Write Good Online Learning Quizzes

One of the best ways to separate the wheat from the chaff, the average Joe from the learner supreme, is the good old quiz. The […]

Online Training for Employees in the Non-Profit Sector

We talked recently about the fact that many workers are leaving high-paid corporate positions to pursue a more meaningful career that aligns with their personal […]

Dealing with Workplace Hazards

Let’s not lie to ourselves – we often see problems we don’t want to deal with. Head down, keep walking. That’s the usual decision. Unfortunately […]

Soft Skills Courses Everyone Should Complete

No matter which industry you work in, landing your dream job isn’t easy. Sometimes even the best grades and technical skills aren’t enough to get […]

How to Improve Your Lateral Thinking Skills

Some people are known for their ability to always think ‘outside the box.’ They seem to know how to approach a situation from different angles […]

eLearning – An Effective Training Solution for All Generations

Most companies are made up of employees of various ages, with staff members of different generations working together in the one organization. As an employer […]

Tips to Get Started with Gamification

Want a sure-fire way to ensure students are fully involved in your course? Make it into a game! Gamification. That’s the name given to the […]

Online Learning for Emergency and Disaster Training

Saying that knowledge can save lives might sound a tad dramatic, but in this case, it’s absolutely true. Knowing how to administer CPR, or properly […]

How to Write Learning Objectives for Soft Skills

As more employers recognize the important link between soft skills and career success, greater emphasis is being placed on the development of non-technical skills in […]

The Best Hidden Secrets to Selling Online Courses

You might have heard of people such as Pat Flynn, Derek Halpern, Jeff Walker, Ramit Sethi and Lewis Howes, all entrepreneurs who are crushing it […]

5 Online Courses to Help You Start Your New Business

Are you thinking about starting a new business? Getting a new business off the ground is always a very exciting experience, but it can also […]